Five most dangerous diets

first_img Share Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Five diets that can killOver the years people have tried some crazily dangerous diets. From putting parasites into your body to rubbing yourself in a hormone taken from the placenta, here are the five most dangerous diets.Tapeworm dietWhat does the diet involve: Put bluntly, the tapeworm diet involves dieters putting a tapeworm into their bodies. Those who are on the diet tend to take a pill that when ingested grows a tapeworm inside your stomach. The tapeworm is supposed to feed off the food you digest. The diet was promoted as a fix for those struggling with their weight during the 20th century. Thankfully, the tapeworm diet is no longer legal and has been banned by the FDA, although it is thought that some people still choose to go on this dangerous ‘diet’.Why it can be bad for you: The tapeworm diet is extremely dangerous because you are ingesting a parasite that will feed off you. Not only does the tapeworm eat your food, it consumes the nutrients your body needs. More importantly, the tapeworm does not necessarily stay in your stomach. The tapeworm can go anywhere in your body and can even end up in your brain, which can be fatal. Those on the tapeworm diet can also suffer from a range of painful complaints, from abdominal pains to headaches. Although you are supposed to take medicine to kill the tapeworm once you are ready, if unchecked the parasite could grow to 20 to 30 feet long! The Prolinn DietWhat does the diet involve: If you’re slightly squeamish we warn you not to read on. Roger Linn created the Prolinn Diet (aka The Last Chance Diet) during the 1970s. He suggested dieters should eat nothing, but should have one drink per day that was made up of rejected animal parts taken from the slaughterhouse, such as horns, tendons and hooves – we told you to stop reading if you were squeamish.Why it can be bad for you: Incredibly, during the seventies two to four million people went on the Prolinn Diet. Shockingly, 58 percent of these Prolinn dieters suffered from a heart attack whilst on it. The drink itself may not have been the cause of these heart attacks (although it wasn’t healthy as the animal by-products had been treated with artificial flavours and enzymes so that it could actually be drunk), but starving yourself led to terrible health problems and could have been the reason why so many suffered with heart problems. The cigarette dietWhat does the diet involve: We’ve all heard of the so-called ‘model’s diet’, which consists of cigarettes and water, but the original cigarette diet began back in the 1920s when cigarette companies marketed their products as miracle weight loss aids, playing on nicotine’s ability to suppress the appetite. During the 1920s the cigarette company Lucky Stripe Cigarette Company advertised their cigarettes using the slogan, “Reach for a Lucky Instead of a Sweet.” Apparently sales increased by 200 percent off of the back of this Lucky Stripe campaign.Why it can be bad for you: Well, these days everyone knows that smoking is dangerous. Tobacco smoke not only contains addictive nicotine, it also contains lots of other harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide. Smoking can cause lots of serious diseases, such as cancers, heart disease, strokes, impotence, and osteoporosis. So, the cigarette diet is clearly an extremely dangerous one not to be tried. If you are a smoker looking to quit here are some stop smoking tips that might help. Fruitarian dietWhat does the diet involve: Well, on the fruitarian diet you can eat fruit. Some fruitarian dieters eat nuts and seeds, but all other foods are banned. You can’t even eat vegetables.Why it can be bad for you: Eating food from one food group is bad news for you and your body. By only eating fruit, as the fruitarian diet suggests, you are not giving your body the fatty acids and nutrients it needs. Not eating enough nutrients, such as vitamin B12, can cause you to develop anaemia. According to Colombia University the fruitarian diet also does not provide you with enough protein, iron, zinc, vitamin D or calcium. As a result, you may feel tired, pick up illnesses because your immune system is low and are more prone to osteoporosis.Who has tried the diet: Ashton Kutcher tried the diet when he was playing Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, who was a part-time fruitarian. Ashton ended up in hospital with stomach pain after trying the fruitarian diet.hCG DietWhat does the diet involve: The hCG diet involves taking the hCG hormone, which is found in the urine of pregnant women and the human placenta. You can inject the hormone directly into your bloodstream, ingest the hormone or rub the hormone into your skin in a cream form. Those who created the diet recommend you eat no more that 800 calories or 3347 kilojoules. Why it can be bad for you: The hCG hormone has not been proven to help dieters lose weight. Any weight loss dieters do experience when on the diet is thought to stem from the restricted calorie or kilojoule intake. Again, eating so little is dangerous for you and your body and the vitamin and mineral deficiencies will result in health problems. Also, the hCG hormone has been linked with ovarian hyperstimulation, which can be life threatening.Real Buzzcenter_img HealthLifestyle Five most dangerous diets by: – February 26, 2013 22 Views   no discussions Sharelast_img read more

Martinez putting staff together

first_img “For Roberto to bring in his team is absolutely what he wants to do and we want to support him on it,” chief executive Robert Elstone told evertontv. “We are working hard to do that and I’m hoping in the near future that Roberto will have his team. “He is also integrating into a very strong, solid team that already exists here. “There is a real spirit at Finch Farm and lot of experience. I know he will want to retain that Everton spirit but yes, he does want his own support team around him. “We are working to make that happen and I’m sure we will succeed on that in the very near future.” In relation to the likely departures, Elstone added: “Whoever ultimately moves on to new pastures goes with our best wishes and our thanks for all their contribution they have made to Everton Football Club.” The players return to pre-season training on Wednesday and while the most pressing issue is the future of Leighton Baines, for whom Manchester United had a £12million bid rejected on Thursday, the Spaniard also needs to get his coaching staff in place. Assistant manager Steve Round, coach Jimmy Lumsden and goalkeeping coach Chris Woods have all been linked with a reunion with former Toffees boss David Moyes at Old Trafford and Martinez wants to assemble his own staff. They are likely to include Graeme Jones, his assistant at both Wigan and Swansea. New Everton manager Roberto Martinez begins work next week and is likely to have his backroom staff finalised quickly.center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

Bryant plays well, but Lakers fall to 0-2 with loss to Phoenix

first_imgPHOENIX >> The shades of Kobe Bryant’s former self emerged with each pull-up jumper, drive to the basket and foul shot he made with dependable accuracy.But as they showed in their 119-99 loss on Wednesday to the Phoenix Suns at U.S. Airways Center, the Lakers’ success this season will not solely correlate with Bryant’s. His 31 points on 11-of-25 shooting and 7-of-7 mark from the foul line featured fluid movement, increased athleticism and sharp fundamentals, a comforting sign after he played in only six games last season because of injuries to his left Achilles tendon and left knee. Bryant also hit the 30-point plateau for the first time since shattering his Achilles 18 months ago.“Kobe’s the least of my worries,” Lakers coach Byron Scott said.That’s because the Lakers offered little else as they dropped to 0-2 for the third time in the past four seasons. The Lakers may have spent most of training camp stressing defense after ranking last season toward the bottom of the NBA in most statistical categories. But the Lakers still conceded plenty to Phoenix from 3-point range (16 of 32), points in the paint (36) and double-digit scoring by Isaiah Thomas (23 points), Marcus Morris (21), Goran Dragic (18), Eric Bledsoe (16) and Markieff Morris (12). “We’re not a big 3-point shooting team,” Bryant said. “So we can’t afford to give up 16.”The Lakers also cannot afford to have an offense solely centered on Bryant. Jordan Hill, Carlos Boozer, Wesley Johnson, Jeremy Lin and Ronnie Price shot a combined 10 of 32 from the field. Boozer committed eight of the Lakers’ 13 turnovers.“He’s more than a willing passer,” Scott said of Bryant. “It’s just that guys have to quit watching.”Both Scott and Bryant took particular aim at Lin, who has shot 3 of 10 in the Lakers’ first two games. Scott said Lin played with “indecision” while Bryant said he implored Lin to run the offense instead of him.“I told him that’s a big urban legend of me,” Bryant said. “I want to score. But that means coming off of picks, catching and shooting. You handle the ball and you run the show.” Lin sounded open toward making adjustments, but initially sounded skeptical of the commentary.“I didn’t feel like I was that hesitant,” Lin said. “I felt like when I had opportunities I was trying to attack. I’ll go and take a look at the film and see if that’s the case or not. In my mind, I thought I was assertive and trying to make plays.”Regardless, everything was mostly left to Bryant, whose frustration boiled over enough that he collected a technical foul for the second consecutive game. Bryant was whistled with 2:55 left in the third quarter, showing visible frustration for not being sent to the free-throw line after attacking the basket against multiple defenders. Bryant sounded much more at ease afterward.“In hindsight, the call is not a big deal,” Bryant said. “But getting your butt kicked a little bit, it’s only natural.”center_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more