Region 10 Councillors call for increase in stipend

first_imgCouncillors of the Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) Regional Democratic Council (RDC) have renewed calls for an increase in their monthly stipend.Presently, Councillors are seeking a $25,000 per month increase on the existing $10,000 per month which they receive.At the most recent statutory meeting of the Council, Councillor Charles Sampson moved a motion for Regional Chairman Renis Morian to make the relevant representation and facilitate authorisation of payment of the increase.This move was well supported by Councillors, with a few calling for $40,000 instead of $35,000. The Councillors have been trying to have their stipends increased for years but to no avail.“For years we have been talking about the stipend that is given to Councillors – the $10,000 stipend… We have been asking from time to time to have our stipends increased… I have noted recently that some salaries and benefits have been increased for certain specific people… the Municipal Council of Linden, theCharles Sampson addressing a section of the CouncilCouncillors are paid a stipend of thirty thousand dollars per month. They are, in my opinion third tier… we’re second tier. And if the Municipal Councillors can get thirty thousand, I think we in a very stingy way we can start with asking for thirty-five thousand,” Sampson said.Adding that he has already done the calculations himself, Sampson said for a total of 16 Councillors that would be $400,000 more per month and $4.8 million on a yearly basis.He further urged the Regional Chairman to consider utilising a particular account to facilitate the increase.“I feel that we need to step up and get more. I think Councillors deserve more than ten thousand dollars… I think it’s an insult to Councillors to be getting that kind of money… I think we should be asking for sixty thousand dollars a month, but we break it down,” Sampson continued.The recommendations for the increase were also supported by Morian and Regional Vice Chairman Elroy Adolph. Morian said while the money is available, the Council cannot authorise such payment.Nevertheless, he said he will put forward the recommendation to the subject Ministers.last_img read more