Taika Waititis Thor 4 Pushes Back Akira

first_img ‘Cannon Busters’ Is The Black Anime We’ve Been Waiting…Casio G-SHOCK Unveils ‘Akira’-Inspired ‘Neo Tokyo̵… Update: At San Diego Comic Con this weekend we expect to learn more about what Marvel has in store for its Phase 4 movies and beyond. And now according to The Hollywood Reporter, one of those movies will be Thor 4, written and directed by Taika Waititi, the guy who made people finally care about the God of Thunder with Thor: Ragnarok. While good news for Thor fans, the drawback is this deal will also push back the long-awaited live-action Akira movie, which Waititi was originally slated to direct for summer 2021.A live-action Akira remake is such a bad idea. The original manga by Katsuhiro Otomo is a legendary classic, as is the 1988 anime adaptation, a movie so cool and good it’s okay to like even if you correctly believe anime was a mistake. Plus the story and Neo-Tokyo setting were just so specifically about Japanese cyberpunk anxiety surrounding urban youth culture and nuclear war. ‘Akira’ is just, like, a regular dude’s name, not something weird and mysterious.But because #brands can never be stopped, Hollywood has been trying to make a live-action Akira movie happen for years. And according to Deadline it’s finally happening on May 21, 2021. Fortunately, the project is being handled by Taika Waititi, the talented New Zealand director who turned Thor: Ragnarok into a cool movie despite being the third Thor movie.Along with being a great director who has proven his ability to inject his signature quirky style into big blockbusters, Taika Waititi’s background also gives us hope for his take on Akira. So much of the story is about children oppressed and exploited by uncaring governments. And in the real world these days those children are children of color.Waititi’s Maori racial heritage has informed his New Zealand films like Boy and Hunt for the Wilderpeople. Heck, it even informed Thor: Ragnarok and its subtle anti-colonialist bent. So hopefully Waititi can bring that rebellious political perspective to the deeply punk political Akira as well. This is why Jordan Peele was a promising early idea for director years ago. Please just don’t cast white kids as Kaneda and Tetsuo.Taika Waititi’s Akira opens in theaters May 21, 2021. Here’s hoping it’s more Speed Racer than Ghost in the Shell as far as live-action anime adaptations go. And in the meantime, look forward to Waititi’s next movie Jojo Rabbit in theaters this October. He plays an imaginary Adolf Hitler. Really.Watch Akira Stay on targetlast_img read more