Yoshis Land for Wii U listed at Best Buy arrives December 31

first_imgEarly last week Nintendo suffered some embarrassment when it was discovered a Miiverse debug menu was accessible on the Wii U. A gamer known as Trike on neoGAF gained access simply by hovering over the Miiverse exit button and pressing “X.”The debug menu allowed him to see a prototype version of Miiverse, access admin accounts, and regenerate passwords, but it also revealed two new games for the Wii U. They are Yoshi’s Land and Soul Hackers.Little has been heard since then about whether those games actually exist, and if they do, how far into development they are. However, Best Buy and Future Shop have now both started listing Yoshi’s Land on their respective online stores and in so doing confirming the game’s existence.For the moment, Yoshi’s Land can be pre-ordered for $59.99 with the estimated release date being set at December 31. Clearly Nintendo wants to keep the sales momentum of the Wii U going after Christmas with a key game launch, and a new Yoshi title would certainly class as one such game. Unfortunately, there’s no details about the game in the description of either listing other than to confirm what we already expect: Yoshi in HD and a game that uses both your TV and the GamePad display.This leak by Best Buy may be frustrating for Nintendo, especially as it was Best Buy that leaked the Wii Mini early yesterday, but if the December 31 release date is real then marketing for the game has to begin soon anyway. Best Buy just gave them a head start and probably got a lot of Nintendo fans very excited about an imminent new Yoshi game being released.via Eurogamerlast_img read more