Samsungs Galaxy Player Android PMP is officially on the way

first_imgEver since the release of the first Android handset, we’ve been waiting for a quality Android portable media player. An Android alternative to the iPod touch seemed like it would be a surefire hit if the manufacturer was able to get the feature list right and keep the price at a reasonable level. With the iPod touch and its Retina display starting at $229 this would be tough, but not impossible. If any company is up to the task, it’s Samsung and the product to do it would be the Galaxy Player (aka the Galaxy S WiFi).We’ve know about the Galaxy Player for some time, but it wasn’t always clear that it would be released in the US. Today Samsung officially announced that that 4-inch Galaxy Player 4 and the 5-inch Galaxy Player 5 are on the way. They didn’t reveal any details about the price or give an official date, but at least we know it’s coming.That Galaxy Players will ship with Android 2.2 but be upgradeable to Android 2.3 and they will weigh 5 and 7 ounces respectively. Each will pack b/g/n WiFi and front/rear cameras, though only the larger model will have a rear flash. Each will support Qik video conferencing, Skype, and Flash 10.1. The rear camera on each will shoot at 3.2MP while the front will be VGA, both will sport microSD slots capable and Bluetooth 3.0 as well. Each will have 8GB of storage, so the card slot will be an important differentiator compared to the 8GB ($229) iPod touch.Read more at Samsung.Sal’s ThoughtsI’m pretty excited about these. I’ve been in the market recently for a contract-free Android device and the Galaxy Player seemed like it would be my best bet if I didn’t want to spend the money on a tablet. As excited as I am though, the price is going to be the deciding factor with the Players–if they come in at $300+ the 4-inch model will be a tough sell over the iPod touch.As for the larger Galaxy Player 5, this will have more price flexibility as it’s more like a small tablet than it is a large phone. We haven’t seen many products at this size, aside from the ill-fated Dell Streak 5, so I’m definitely curious, though I guessing the 4-inch model will be the better fit for the majority of users.last_img read more