Game engine used for ThiefSystem Shock 2 found with Dreamcast dev kit

first_imgIf you asked me which is my favorite all time video game, my number one would be Thief II. So it’s with more than a little excitement that I report the source code for the Dark Engine, used to create Thief, Thief II, and System Shock 2, has been found.Developer Looking Glass Studios shut down in 2000, and even though the Thief franchise continued, the original two games are still seen as the best (in my view, anyway). We all thought the source to the original games had disappeared with the studio, but that’s clearly not the case.The source code for the engine was found as part of a Dreamcast development kit purchased some four years ago. The actual CD with the engine on wasn’t located in the bag the devkit came in until last week. The hard drive was also full of Looking Glass game projects, but the guy who bought the kit didn’t have the right adaptor so couldn’t use it.The Through the Looking Glass community site has always been behind getting the source code and using it for good. By good we mean updating the games and producing yet more gameplay, better graphics, and mods, someof which they have already achieved with fan missions. Now they may be able to what they want without needing anything from the company who owns all the rights to Looking Glass projects: Eidos.While the source code on the disc isn’t perfect, and Eidos may decide to take action against anyone using it, the community is at least a lot closer to getting what they require: full access to the original games. As an added bonus the source code also includes work done on the unreleased spy game Deep Cover.Read more at Rock, Paper ShotgunMatthew’s OpinionI hope Eidos just leave the community alone to disect the engine and put it back together again in an updated form. They may end up doing Eidos a favor by producing new versions of games they own the rights to for re-release, including compatibility with the latest operating systems, HD graphics, and a load of new gameplay too.However, what’s more likely to happen is any hint of an updated Thief/System Shock game will be met with a cease and desist order. Most publisher would rather crush any sign of life from IP they own unless it was their idea to update it in the first place. I’ve got my fingers crossed, though.last_img read more