In need of virtual cash a Chinese couple sold their kids

first_imgA number of online games can eat away at your wallet more than you might expect. You drop the initial $60, or so, on the game, and then you realize that in order to advance, you need to spend more money. Is cash is low, you might sell something on eBay or elsewhere to get a small fund going. Those are reasonable options but one that isn’t is what a couple in Dongguan, China did. They sold their three children.The couple met in 2007 and clicked due to their love of online gaming. The Sanxiang City News broke the story about Li Lin and Li Juan who left their first child, shortly after he was born in 2008, to go play an online game in an internet café.The idea to sell their child came with the birth of their second child, a girl, in 2009. They sold their daughter for a meager sum of RMB 3,000, about $500. After spending it all, they then sold their son for RMB 30,000, about $4,600.They spent the money from the second child, too. The birth of their third child, a boy, provided them with another pot of gold, so to speak. Lin and Juan earned another $4,600 for him, too.The under 21 couple were not safe for long because Li Lin’s mother turned them in to the authorities. Both claimed they did not know they were breaking the law.This is all a very strange occurrence in the ether of China’s video game culture. About two months, there were reports of a man dubbed Liu Dali who spoke to the press about his time as an inmate in China. The guards there would force inmates to play online games in 12 hour shifts after hard physical labor. The virtual cash earned would then be sold by the guards. The inmates earned nothing.What would you sell for a game?Via ABC New Radiolast_img read more