Excessively noisy Xbox Ones mercifully being replaced by Microsoft

first_imgIf you’re the kind of trooper that stuck with the Xbox One through all of the pre-launch and post-launch nonsense because you knew the console could be great once the drama died down, you might have been rewarded with a very noisy box.After avoiding the initial always-online requirement, and after being able to unplug the Kinect and shove it in a drawer, your rejuvenated Xbox One might be a noisy nuisance. Luckily, rather than a drawn out public relations fiasco as is unfortunately customary for the Xbox One at this point, Microsoft will simply replace your console with a quieter box.Generally, computers make noise — especially when running resource intensive software, such as games. If you actually want to hear a game that you’re playing on a launch PS3, turning up the television’s volume is practically required. According to user reports on the official Xbox forums, this also appears to be the case for certain Xbox Ones. User reports should always be taken with a grain of salt, but Microsoft has given the issue legitimacy by starting a replacement program.The statement given by Microsoft doesn’t exactly confirm the issue — it’s filled with deflective language — but there must be some truth to the matter considering the company will replace your box.Some users on the forums claim that they have been experiencing the noise problem for months, while others say that retailers where the consoles were originally purchased have already made replacements available, but those replacements experienced the same issue.If your Xbox One is too noisy, you can begin the replacement process with Microsoft.last_img read more