Ubisoft brings character animation technology to the next level

first_imgGamers put up with a lot of technical goofs and oddities during play. We ignore the small stuff for the most part — a foot sinking into an uphill slope or objects engulfing a hand. Just another in-game day. But that may not be the way of things for much longer, as Ubisoft Toronto has released a teaser for a new IK rig.In a prototype video, developers Alexander Bereznyak and Michael Büttner have shown us a glimpse of the future of next-gen animation, ahead of their July talk at the nucl.ai Conference. They’ve managed to design a system that will allow character models to adapt to changing environments with the use of inverse kinematics. Don’t know what that means? The TL;DR version has everything to do with some mathematical calculations relating to the character’s environments and applying it to a model’s joints. Observe:When applied to a skeleton (as you can see above), the animated figure connects the rigid bits through a series of joints, called a kinematic chain. These pieces help define how the whole figure should react when moving across a changing terrain or when the body is in a different position.As you can see in the video, the joints can react to a number of different scenarios from carrying a box to walking up-hill that creates a bouncier, more realistic animation. Elements from the environment work their way into the equation to help determine how the joints should change, and they move with more anthropomorphic limits rather than getting a character model that has Shadow Cat-like powers to move through structures.last_img read more