Rank Hovis announces further price increase

first_imgOn the back of the continuing increase in the price of UK wheat, Rank Hovis has announced a price rise across all its grades of flour.From 1 January 2013, the price will rise by £50.62 per tonne – the equivalent of 81p more per 16kg bag.Lawrence Watson, commercial director – milling, Rank Hovis, told British Baker the price increase had been implemented following the continuing rise of the wheat price, on the back of such a poor harvest this summer.The miller had previously put its prices up in August, by an extra £77.35 per tonne (£1.24 per 16kg bag).“Since I last wrote to you in August 2012 advising of flour price increases, the cost of wheat has continued to rise,” said Watson, in a letter to Rank Hovis’ milling customers. “As a consequence I write to advise that Rank Hovis will be increasing the price of flour on all deliveries from Tuesday 1 January 2013.”Since August, as a consequence of harvest issues, global wheat production has reduced by a further 21 million tonnes, said the firm. “The UK wheat harvest reduced by 2.5 million tonnes, from initial projections, with smaller grains significantly impacting milling yields.“As a consequence, there has been a shortfall in the availability of high- quality bread-making and biscuit wheats and UK wheat prices have risen by a further 15% from the August highs.”last_img read more

Embrace uncertainty––it’s your opportunity to become the leader you might never have imagined without it!

first_img 20SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Jim Bouchard “THE SENSEI LEADER is not just another leadership development program. It is a movement.”Our programs support this movement and help us fulfill our vision and mission…                                                                     Vision: To promote … Web: TheSenseiLeader.com Details “We are often taught that uncertainty is a bad thing––that it reflects weakness of character, a lack of enough data, a ‘wishy-washy’ attitude…In reality, uncertainty is the most important thing that we have. It tells us not only what we believe about the world, but also how reasonable those beliefs are in the first place.”Yes, yes and yes!I found this in a Berkeley Science Review article by Chris Holdgraf, who “studies cognitive and computational neuroscience…”So why should you as a CU leader care about this?One of the key strategies of The Sensei Leader is: “Be flexible, adaptable and comfortable with uncertainty.” Far from a sign of weakness, your ability to deal with uncertain is one of the most powerful indicators of success as a leader.At every workshop I ask CU leaders this exact question: “What’s going to happen tomorrow?”This is not a joke. What is amazing is that while inexperienced or aspiring leaders will often try to contribute some meaningful predictions, the experienced leaders know the only reliable answer…“I don’t know.”The CU world is rapidly changing. You’re constantly adapting to new technologies and security threats. You’re facing shifts in economic conditions, culture and expectations. And yet no leader can anticipate every possible change. Nobody can predict the future with absolute certainty.Of course we work to reduce uncertainty so that we don’t make foolish mistakes or unwise decisions. We want to reduce the chances that we’ll be blindsided or caught unprepared. Still, the idea that we can operate with absolute certainty is at best naive and at worst––arrogant.Aspiring leaders are well served to develop a comfort with uncertainty early. One of the strongest indicators of your potential to succeed in leadership is your ability to deal with it.As a leader, your ability to manage unforeseen challenges and seize unanticipated opportunities will greatly determine your effectiveness. And your demeanor in the face of rapidly changing conditions is one of the key factors in how you are perceived as a leader in the hearts and minds of the people you serve.Leaders who deal calmly and skillfully with uncertainty are seen as strong, confident and able. This earns the trust of the people you serve and increases your ability to attract willing followers––the trademark of an authentic leader.But still, how is it that uncertainty isn’t just a sign of weakness? Don’t confuse uncertainty with ignorance or lack of preparation. Those are weaknesses.Executive strategist Eric Douglas posted a commentary on LinkedIn recently. Citing a study on the relationship of confidence and certainty, he found:“Leaders who were confident but relatively uncertain were viewed as more effective, more likely to foster creative thinking and independent thinking. Those who were confident and certain were viewed as authoritarian and inflexible.”Holdgraf finished his article with this powerful thought:“Ultimately, it’s our uncertainty about the world that drives humans to discover new ideas, invent new tools, and get to the bottom of things. Dealing with uncertainty is one of the most human endeavors, and knowing how to think about uncertainty makes you incredibly powerful in making decisions.”It took me a long time to understand this, but the only real certainty in life is uncertainty. Life is change, and for a leader, that reality is amplified by your responsibility to guide others through all this change and uncertainty.If you’re going to be an effective leader, you’d best get comfortable with it!Better still, embrace it…Uncertainty is your opportunity to become the leader you might never have imagined without it!last_img read more

How to use a board portal to increase revenue

first_img continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr While many business sectors are seeing reduced opportunities and pipelines, many credit unions have experienced the exact opposite. Credit unions are on the frontlines working quickly with members to establish forbearance agreements or leverage federal aid programs such as the Paycheck Protection Program for small businesses. While many people are struggling to adapt to the new normal, your loan committee can help transform this time of disruption into a time of opportunity for your institution.But let’s be honest. Before COVID-19 and social distancing, the prevailing opinion at most credit unions regarding the loan approval process was simple: “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” Mountains of paper, physical signatures and lengthy meetings still ruled the day. The opportunity exists here and now to create a more seamless loan process that retains customers, keeps the loan pipeline at capacity, and disperses new loans faster and more efficiently than ever.The solution is simple: a board management software platform (or “board portal”).On one hand, board portals are not new. Credit unions have deployed them for two decades now. Your institution may even have one installed already. They’ve mainly been used by the board of directors, the charitable foundation or the policy committee.last_img read more

Kobe Bryant reminisces about career at NBA All-Star weekend

first_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error “I’m looking around the room and seeing guys that I’m playing with that are tearing the league up that were 4 in my first All-Star game,” Bryant said. “How many players can say they played 20 years and actually have seen the game go through three or four generations?”Bryant can. Yet, he joked he will play only 10 minutes as a starter for the Western Conference, mindful that he has nursed soreness in recent weeks in his right shoulder. But even limited minutes will not diminish Bryant’s presence. Chicago forward and former Lakers teammate Pau Gasol said “it will be emotional for me to see him.” “We definitely want to send him off on a good note,” Thunder forward Kevin Durant said. “We know he’s going to be super competitive.”Yet, Bryant reiterated he has “zero” aspirations to set the record for most NBA All-Star MVPs after collecting four (2002, 2007, 2009, 2011) to tie Bob Pettit. “I’m enjoying this whole thing with being around these players and talking to them one more time,” Bryant said. “The competitiveness in terms of me trying to establish something and prove something, that’s gone.”Not completely. Bryant admitted he still laments the Lakers losing in the 2004 NBA Finals to Detroit and 2008 NBA Finals to Boston.“I wish I could have won the two that got away,” Bryant said. “Those are tangible things I felt I could have adjusted.”Bryant then argued he should have become “more nit-picky” on how the Lakers ran their offense during the 2003-04 season. Bryant also wished he had his teammates “play with a more physical nature” throughout the 2007-08 campaign.Still, Bryant expressed gratitude for recovering from season-ending injuries to his left Achilles tendon, left knee and right shoulder. Though he conceded “it would’ve been amazing” if he ended his 20th and final NBA season with a championship, Bryant argued he “can’t complain about that.“I’ve been very, very fortunate,” said Bryant, who has won five titles. “You got to be able to take the good with the bad.”Bryant shared that attitude during a press conference filled with non sequiturs. When a reporter asked if he could speak any Arabic, Bryant enthusiastically asked him to teach him some words. Bryant offered greetings to reporters stationed from Taiwan, China, India and the Philippines. When asked to name any Canadians not named Drake, Bryant answered with Wayne Gretzky, Steve Nash, Andrew Wiggins and Rachel McAdams. Bryant also addressed various news topics. Bryant waxed nostalgia he will play in the same city that hosts the franchise he scored a career-high 81 points against nearly a decade ago. He predicted Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry will win the 3-point shooting contest. Bryant expressed gratitude former Lakers and Clippers Lamar Odom has traveled to New York after being hospitalized for most of the year after falling unconscious at a Nevada brothel. Bryant pleaded patience with the Lakers’ rebuilding process.“It’s tough. You can always plan to do a certain thing and then certain things happen,” Bryant said. “So now you have to adjust. They’re still adjusting. It’s going to take time. They’ll figure it out.”Soon enough, an NBA official ended the press conference. Bryant then offered something poetic to sum up his accomplished career.“A legend that had every passion,” Bryant said, “and poured it out into the game that he loved.”Bryant then walked away from the stage. The cameras furiously clicked and flashed with the same intensity that greeted Bryant when he first arrived. center_img TORONTO >> Every move Kobe Bryant made sparked hysteria. His presence caused several to chant his name. Usually the Lakers’ star creates this atmosphere after he scores a basket. This time, Bryant sparked a stir amid the estimated 150 journalists, both real and imagined, that surrounded him during media availability on Friday as part of NBA All-Star weekend.Bryant’s press conference started with alleged reporters clapping upon his arrival. Bryant answered questions in English, Spanish and Italian. A few international media members greeted Bryant with gifts. One Toronto-based reporter handed Bryant a personalized “Thank you” card. A Japanese reporter gave Bryant a piece of artwork that depicted Bryant as a samurai. Somewhere in between, Bryant talked the fans selecting him for his 18th and final All-Star game during his 20th NBA season on Sunday at Air Canada Centre.last_img read more

Vedad Ibišević played with young hopes of BiH football

first_imgBiH football player, as a part of the project Red Bull Under My Wing attended the futsal match of young BIH football players which was played in FIS Court in Sarajevo.Ibišević trained a bit with them and afterwards he talked about his experiences and defining moments of his career and what is necessary for his success in sports noting first of all the decisiveness and hard work. He also gave them his opinion on their game and how to improve it.Afterwards there was a competition in precise shot and the winner was Nermin Okić who was awarded with a signed jersey of Vedad Ibišević.last_img read more

AIR gives one-hour slot to AMU to produce prog in Urdu

first_imgNew Delhi, May 15 (PTI) Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) students will produce one-hour fortnightly programme in Urdu for All India Radio, as part of the national broadcasters plans to strengthen its language services.The external services division (EDS) of All India Radio (AIR) and the AMU signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in this regard today.The MoU is part of the overall exercise of the external services division to revamp its technology and content, an official release said.”The Aligarh Muslim University shall be allocated a one- hour broadcast slot on the Urdu service, programmes for which shall be produced by the students of the Mass Communication department of AMU,” it added.The broadcast will comprise drama, music, lectures, talks, interviews and sports programmes.The AIR will also provide internship to the students of Mass Communications department of the institutions on various aspects of broadcast journalism.On the other hand, the AMU will help improve language skills– particularly in Arabic, Persian, Pushto, Dari and Urdu– of the professionals working with the ESD.The ESD will also ink similar MoUs with other major universities to strengthen its different Indian and foreign language broadcast, the release said. PTI MP TIRlast_img read more