Five most dangerous diets

first_img Share Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Five diets that can killOver the years people have tried some crazily dangerous diets. From putting parasites into your body to rubbing yourself in a hormone taken from the placenta, here are the five most dangerous diets.Tapeworm dietWhat does the diet involve: Put bluntly, the tapeworm diet involves dieters putting a tapeworm into their bodies. Those who are on the diet tend to take a pill that when ingested grows a tapeworm inside your stomach. The tapeworm is supposed to feed off the food you digest. The diet was promoted as a fix for those struggling with their weight during the 20th century. Thankfully, the tapeworm diet is no longer legal and has been banned by the FDA, although it is thought that some people still choose to go on this dangerous ‘diet’.Why it can be bad for you: The tapeworm diet is extremely dangerous because you are ingesting a parasite that will feed off you. Not only does the tapeworm eat your food, it consumes the nutrients your body needs. More importantly, the tapeworm does not necessarily stay in your stomach. The tapeworm can go anywhere in your body and can even end up in your brain, which can be fatal. Those on the tapeworm diet can also suffer from a range of painful complaints, from abdominal pains to headaches. Although you are supposed to take medicine to kill the tapeworm once you are ready, if unchecked the parasite could grow to 20 to 30 feet long! The Prolinn DietWhat does the diet involve: If you’re slightly squeamish we warn you not to read on. Roger Linn created the Prolinn Diet (aka The Last Chance Diet) during the 1970s. He suggested dieters should eat nothing, but should have one drink per day that was made up of rejected animal parts taken from the slaughterhouse, such as horns, tendons and hooves – we told you to stop reading if you were squeamish.Why it can be bad for you: Incredibly, during the seventies two to four million people went on the Prolinn Diet. Shockingly, 58 percent of these Prolinn dieters suffered from a heart attack whilst on it. The drink itself may not have been the cause of these heart attacks (although it wasn’t healthy as the animal by-products had been treated with artificial flavours and enzymes so that it could actually be drunk), but starving yourself led to terrible health problems and could have been the reason why so many suffered with heart problems. The cigarette dietWhat does the diet involve: We’ve all heard of the so-called ‘model’s diet’, which consists of cigarettes and water, but the original cigarette diet began back in the 1920s when cigarette companies marketed their products as miracle weight loss aids, playing on nicotine’s ability to suppress the appetite. During the 1920s the cigarette company Lucky Stripe Cigarette Company advertised their cigarettes using the slogan, “Reach for a Lucky Instead of a Sweet.” Apparently sales increased by 200 percent off of the back of this Lucky Stripe campaign.Why it can be bad for you: Well, these days everyone knows that smoking is dangerous. Tobacco smoke not only contains addictive nicotine, it also contains lots of other harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide. Smoking can cause lots of serious diseases, such as cancers, heart disease, strokes, impotence, and osteoporosis. So, the cigarette diet is clearly an extremely dangerous one not to be tried. If you are a smoker looking to quit here are some stop smoking tips that might help. Fruitarian dietWhat does the diet involve: Well, on the fruitarian diet you can eat fruit. Some fruitarian dieters eat nuts and seeds, but all other foods are banned. You can’t even eat vegetables.Why it can be bad for you: Eating food from one food group is bad news for you and your body. By only eating fruit, as the fruitarian diet suggests, you are not giving your body the fatty acids and nutrients it needs. Not eating enough nutrients, such as vitamin B12, can cause you to develop anaemia. According to Colombia University the fruitarian diet also does not provide you with enough protein, iron, zinc, vitamin D or calcium. As a result, you may feel tired, pick up illnesses because your immune system is low and are more prone to osteoporosis.Who has tried the diet: Ashton Kutcher tried the diet when he was playing Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, who was a part-time fruitarian. Ashton ended up in hospital with stomach pain after trying the fruitarian diet.hCG DietWhat does the diet involve: The hCG diet involves taking the hCG hormone, which is found in the urine of pregnant women and the human placenta. You can inject the hormone directly into your bloodstream, ingest the hormone or rub the hormone into your skin in a cream form. Those who created the diet recommend you eat no more that 800 calories or 3347 kilojoules. Why it can be bad for you: The hCG hormone has not been proven to help dieters lose weight. Any weight loss dieters do experience when on the diet is thought to stem from the restricted calorie or kilojoule intake. Again, eating so little is dangerous for you and your body and the vitamin and mineral deficiencies will result in health problems. Also, the hCG hormone has been linked with ovarian hyperstimulation, which can be life threatening.Real Buzzcenter_img HealthLifestyle Five most dangerous diets by: – February 26, 2013 22 Views   no discussions Sharelast_img read more

Badgers escape unscathed on penalty kill

first_imgSomething had to give.Michigan Tech and Wisconsin entered the weekend with the second and third-highest power play percentages in the nation. The Huskies were converting at a 37 percent rate, a big reason MTU was scoring 4.80 goals per game and were undefeated at 3-0-2.So of course, given nine opportunities with the man-advantage, Michigan Tech connected just once.MTU dropped all the way to a 30.6 percent conversion rate as a result and scored just three total goals in the two games. A power play based around getting shots on net and putting lots of big Husky bodies in front of the net was defeated by a Badger squad that tended to get in front of those shots before they could get on net.“We were just trying to focus on blocking shots, that was our number one thing,” junior defenseman Jake Gardiner said. “We were focusing on having our one D down low with those two guys and hoping shots don’t get through.”Friday night, UW goaltender Scott Gudmandson faced just two shots on goal from the MTU power play unit, with the Badgers blocking 19 shots. Brett Bennett started in goal for Wisconsin Saturday night and faced seven shots on goal, while UW blocked an impressive 23 shots.Junior winger Jordy Murray went down to the ice in both games after blocking a shot, hobbling to the bench each time. While the Fairbault, Minn. native didn’t register a point in either game, his blocked shots helped the Badgers attain their ultimate goal of getting WCHA points.Aside from the lone goal he gave up, Bennett played well, getting stick and blocker saves through traffic on the six power-plays Michigan Tech had.According to head coach Mike Eaves, the combination of the two factors led to the effective penalty killing.“A, we had our goaltender playing well. He’s got to be sometimes, your best penalty killer and he was that tonight,” Eaves said. “B, I thought our guys blocked a lot of shots and we worked pretty well in conjunction in trying to get in shooting lanes and block those shots.”UW even got a shorthanded goal courtesy of senior captain Sean Dolan. Dolan and MTU captain Brett Olson went to the box with matching unsportsmanlike conduct penalties at the end of the second period. Gardiner was called for holding early in the third period, giving the Huskies a short 4-on-3 power play.As the Dolan penalty expired, he came out of the box and faced a one-on-one situation, pulling a move he learned from former Badger Derek Stepan and scoring to put UW up 4-1.“I just came out of the penalty box and I was feeling good, I was ready to go, I had a good jump,” Dolan said. “I don’t know what their defenseman was doing, he was caught kind of flat-footed and I was able to poke it up to myself.”While the shorthanded goal was the exclamation point on a successful night of penalty killing, the Badgers didn’t need to put themselves in those situations in the first place. UW took three unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, two of them resulting in MTU power plays.UW senior Patrick Johnson was in and out of scrums with Huskies for much of the game. The most easily avoidable penalty came immediately following Dolan’s goal. Sophomore defenseman John Ramage came out of nowhere to deliver an unnecessary hit on Olson, and went to the box as a result.“I think it would start with me. It’s a Dutch uncle thing, coach gave me a lot of crap. I’ve got to stay out of the penalty box like that, stuff after the whistle, our team, we can’t afford that,” Johnson said. “We might have been playing with fire, but we got away with it, we’ve got a good PK and a lot of blocked shots tonight, which was good.”With a young team that’s already penalty-prone – Wisconsin is fifth in the nation in penalty minutes per game – Eaves was disappointed with some of the decisions his players made.“I’m disappointed in some of our penalties after the whistle,” Eaves said. “We talk about going whistle to whistle and not getting involved in that stuff after, and we’re still doing that.”last_img read more

West Brom boss Tony Pulis says club are yet to receive January bid for Tottenham and Newcastle target

first_img1 Saido Berahino West Brom boss Tony Pulis insists the club have yet to receive a bid for striker Saido Berahino during the January transfer window.Berahino’s future has been uncertain since handing in a transfer request at the start of the season amid several rejected offers from Tottenham.The rumours reignited when the 22-year-old was left out of the matchday squad at Bristol City for Tuesday night’s FA Cup third round replay, before it was confirmed that he was missing through illness.This week Spurs, along with Chelsea and Newcastle, were reported to have tabled bids but Pulis denied that such an approach had been made.WOULD TOTTENHAM BE WISE TO RESIST THE BERAHINO TEMPTATION?Pulis expects the speculation surrounding his joint-top goalscorer to continue until the transfer window closes on February 1.“The present situation is the club has not received any offers at all so everything is speculation and you can’t stop people talking,” said Pulis at his pre-match press conference on Friday.“I’m more disappointed for Saido. I told him at the beginning of the window the circus starts again.“If something happens, something happens and he understands that from the last window.“Unless he’s sold now, tomorrow or the next two days it could go to the deadline – it’s a good story.”last_img read more