The Phonekerchief stops unwanted calls as long as you dont mind wrapping

first_imgLook, we know: it can be annoying when you’re talking to someone in meat space and they’re constantly fiddling with their phones. Whether it’s texting someone mid-conversation, updating their Foursquare or answering a call in the middle of dinner, bad cell phone manners can be really irritating… but we still don’t really “get” this product.It’s called the Phonekerchief, and it bills itself as a cellphone signal blocking handkerchief that you can wrap your phone in before a conversation begins. The handkerchief is emblazoned with the words, “My phone is off for you,” so basically, you’re sending a showy message to the person you’re talking with: I’m turning off my phone, I expect you to do the same.AdChoices广告Could this product be actually more irritating than someone answering a call during a lunch date, though? I think so: it’s just so pompous, so self-aggrandizing yet so passive aggressive. Who the heck even carries around a handkerchief with them in this day and age? it couldn’t be more pretentious if it were a cellphone signal blocking monocle.For that matter, why spend $15 for this product to begin with? Can’t you just pointedly turn off your phone when you begin to talk to someone if it’s important you not be interrupted? Can’t you have the bravery to ask the person you’re with to do the same?I’d slap this out of the hands of someone if they pulled it out in front of me. Hey, yeah, sorry, chief: I don’t live in Victorian England, with its snooty handkerchiefs. Moreover, I’m not a jackass. Instead, i live in the connected world, and sometimes that means I have to field a call. If you have a problem with that, you know what? Just ask. Don’t start waving a passive aggressive snot rag around to send me the message.Read more at Phonekerchieflast_img read more