32nm iPad 2 improves battery life by up to 29 percent

first_imgAsk most people planning to buy an Apple tablet and chances are they only want the new (3rd generation) iPad with that gorgeous high resolution Retina Display. However, Apple has continued to offer the iPad 2 at a discounted price of $399.The iPad 2 is a last-gen piece of kit, but as Anandtech discovered through extensive testing, Apple’s move to using a 32nm process for the A5 chip has brought with it some desirable improvements. Specifically, battery life has improved by as much as 29 percent depending on what you are using the tablet for. Operating temperatures have dropped, too by a degree or so.As with most pre-built gadgets, they are not all the same. They may look and function in exactly the same way, but the components inside are always being improved upon. The iPad 2 is no different and there are actually 2 different models of the tablet in circulation (or 4 if you count the 3G versions). The one you want is, of course, the latest, which uses that smaller processor.By shrinking the die using a 32nm process, Apple has effectively cut the power use of the chip while retaining the same performance as the older, 45nm part. That comes with a range of advantages for Apple (mainly cost and stock related), but for the consumer it ultimately means better battery life.How much better? If you’re using the tablet for web browsing then you’ll see 11.7 hours of use instead of the 10.1 hours in the earlier model (15.8% increase). 3D gaming, which really eats up your battery, is rated at 7.9 hours instead of 6.12 hours (29% increase). Finally, there’s video playback, which should now see you through any long haul flight or road trip. The 32nm iPad 2 serves up 15.7 hours of viewing time compared to 13.3 hours  (18% increase).If this all sounds like a good reason to go out and buy an iPad 2, there’s one issue you need to overcome. Apple in no way marks the packaging of the iPad 2 stating what model it is. You could be getting either of the 2 models manufactured, and until you open it up and use a utility to look at the specs, you won’t know which one you have.That situation should change as Apple continues to manufacture the latest 32nm version of the tablet. But for now, you have to be lucky to chance upon one.Read more at Anandtechlast_img read more