do not know the chain construction site ten errors

is said that we should not be complacent, stagnant in the site, constantly sum up experience, to find the suitable methods for their own website. The web site of the chain, the more conservative is intolerable, we want to continue to progress, constantly sum up experience, can not backward, not beaten, in order to achieve good results. When I was in the initial site outside of the chain once entered this misunderstanding, I always do it yourself, never to communicate with others, seldom go to the webmaster nets see article, always feel that the chain is also a blog, Post Bar, love Shanghai know these, then suddenly found it really can also progress. What about my work didn’t help, so I changed a lot, although it is still a bit lazy, but every day will do the chain according to the plan, and take the time to summarize the experience of the chain. This is what I do for such a long time to try to write a main reason of the chain. One is harmful, we must broaden their horizons, out of the original circle, look at the rest of the world. How innovation can have more harvest. read more

Love Shanghai cancel the chain Shanghai dragon optimization direction

Since the official

love Shanghai cancel the chain plan, recently in Shanghai Longfeng circle has become a hot topic, or make some Adsense lost. Poly Win + Shanghai dragon love Shanghai according to the previous inference algorithm changes, the Baidu should not cancel the chain 100%, why take such a plan purpose is very clear, as Shanghai dragon ER also understand this, Shanghai dragon actually has a large part of the work is in the fight outside the chain, or pure ranked as the Shanghai dragon. Pseudo original, the chain of garbage all over the internet. To purify the Internet environment, information, only provide users with useful information will be indexed ranking, Shanghai cancel love chain is the last ditch.
is a solid content, solid content of white is set on the site of the internal optimization standardization, including deployment of positioning strategies in different keywords on the page, of course, also cannot do without the relocation of structured content (because of a receiving station optimization almost do not have the Shanghai dragon code)
two is dynamic content, dynamic content and clear to explain is the optimization of the deep, writing an article is really not an easy thing, in writing prior to conception, sometimes referring to some outstanding Shanghai dragon soft, emphasize not pseudo original as noted above, the concept of innovation and uniqueness. An article will be users love, forwarding, collection, the idea is really important idea is to take into account the user’s taste, whether love can help to attract users, the title, the content of conditioning and so on, if there is a number of strong ability of writing the best words more, but this is need a process of tempering. read more

Johnsen website weight accumulation make keyword ranking more stable

two, the website maintenance, mainly do the following two points:

site overall weight accumulation is very important, if the main content and layout for diversification of the chain, in order to enhance the overall weight of the site as the goal, take the accumulation process, make the site grow in the health, let search engines love our website, trust index increased, and the people. Is the same, when you to a friend very trust, what you do will get the maximum support, when the site has formed a benign state after optimization, according to our target words one by one to break through to the optimization, but the effect is immediate, not to mention some of the more popular keywords, reached a certain weight in the overall weight, not how these words are quite good and stable rankings, the weight of this site and could not escape. read more

s Shanghai Longfeng in addition to ranking will have no other

has such a website, he is a shopping site, some relevant keywords in the search engine’s performance is very good, but the conversion rate is very low, the volume is also worth mentioning. Why is this happening? Then I personally stand on the user’s point of view on a shopping, I completely understand, that is because of a problem: the register too complicated.

is a website of the soul. Full and readable information will undoubtedly give the site a good soul. Web sites exist on the Internet’s significance lies in providing useful information quality for the majority of Internet users, the only way you website to get user acceptance. Users can get recognized so that the search engine will be recognized. read more

How to do the work site optimization search speed under the love of Shanghai

third, increase the weight of import, increase website weight. A web site can be more susceptible to love in favour of Shanghai is closely related to the weight of the website itself. The main factors influencing the website weight is from high weight website recommendations and setting their own time, so in a short time, and actively invite the high power.

recently I found a very strange thing, then enter keywords in the search box after love Shanghai, love Shanghai ready to click a button, but found that the results are already present, which makes me feel very surprise, is the legendary instant love of Shanghai has been achieved, but also so quietly, intelligence seems to love Shanghai and have not the same day a few years ago. read more

My first college Wangzhuan secondary marketTough and suspension entrepreneurial savvy Zhang Xuhao ho

from university booming flea market is not difficult to see, many students do not care to buy a second-hand goods does not affect the use, while some students are willing to put their idle goods transfer out. Every year graduates produce a large amount of second-hand goods, including a large number of teaching materials, reference books, computers, digital products, and some very convenient small articles for daily use. When we graduated, the books were sold in sacks and sacks, and computers and other items were sent off two months before graduation. read more

Why are the top three new traffic flow and no deal

1. new no trust for users.

we think that as long as the top three, then we will get the volume increased significantly, the money will come, but it always backfires. Website ranking make up for two or three months, did not see how much volume, then some Shanghai dragon will sigh, Shanghai dragon did not imagine so good results ah, do not use what, some Shanghai dragon wanted to give up, I also experienced such a thing, really make a person very downhearted. To describe the situation in one sentence: the darkness before the dawn. We need the volume slowly accumulated, and not all users to browse your site will be executed immediately, some customers often browse our website, nor for consultation, later on read more

Methods the website space

home page or other important directory. Online decompression is the function of time to save optimization. While this site backup is too important, we must be able to periodically backup on our website.

3. space must support 404 error pages, online decompression, database and website backup function. 404 error page binding is a necessary function, because it can reduce the loss of customers. You may be a lot of people do not understand what is called the 404, then to a LED car advertising I recently did for you on the website, please see below: read more

Love the sea K station how to restore the flow and the strategy


, four strategies: how to restore the station after the sea traffic in K, how to develop strategies to avoid being? Love Shanghai or a certain engine will be playing into the hands of small owners, the webmaster to enhance the ability of dealing with risk, so that the site in an invincible position long-term stable development. If you rely on a search engine, and it wants to make a website disappeared, is a very easy thing.


, an observation: to see from the observation of long time, is love k a lot of sea station is your site law-abiding, enterprise station side, the owners of these very dedicated, then maintain their own websites often work until 12 pm, is the webmaster to perennial love Shanghai stone, rich love the contents of the Shanghai, and many owners are k off. After being love Shanghai K off, most of the owners think they made a mistake, get yourself with the same crime, increase the quantity of labor more, it is already a very good website and then toss. read more

Love Shanghai only included the analysis and solution

2, my website has its own problems. After my analysis, I think that is my home problems, because it was on the front page in addition to navigation, all is plus/***.php? Aid=* this link, and this link search engine is no way to grab, so I love Shanghai is likely to be the station as link farms, or will I the confidence of the website is greatly reduced.

after this change is probably in two days or so, then when site fell in love with the sea, included my site has been changed to more than 10 pages. After that, I did not deliberately go to the chain, and my site included the number has been rising. To write this article so far, it has reached the amount of more than 60 pages. Although still relatively small, but finally crossed a threshold. It included a gradual increase in the number of. read more