The chain must know the promotion of rookie door summary

micro-blog, SNS is in recent years popular Internet products. Not only directly outside the chain, but also directly bring flow. Register several accounts, in micro-blog and community, or BBS, you can reprint articles, add your website url. Reprint is an art, you will have to think, and small communities are online products, so when we release information, many users reproduced some topic about how to do than the lovelorn, husband ran with others, so eye-catching words, adding links clever, is also important the chain.

classified information of many sites, such as Ganji, people network, 58 city, characteristics of these classified sites is updated fast, strong practicability, high weight website. Suitable for all sites, whether you are a business, or a personal website, as long as the original article, in the classification of information inside hair, less than 1 hours will be included, the most important thing is to add links, contact must fill in the real name and phone users see only trusted. High reliability, long stay page, can be ranked before the exam.


blog has been a good place of the chain, each big portal to register, for example: Sohu, Sina, NetEase, Shanghai skyline, love space and other blog space, here I will not give you all lists. The characteristics of blog is free to add articles, and can add anchor text, is one of the most important free. I am in the increase of the chain has the same original articles, the first search engine included Sohu blog article, after Sina’s included. Do not believe you can try. Free blog, attention is: adhere to the original, often updated, with links, adhere to the 3 points, the search engine will give a high ranking blog.

2. free blog portal

4. and

Links free network

1. free classified information

3. free micro-blog and community


as the chain site of the circle of friends, more friends, more high ranking site. The core content of the website, to show their beauty, but many websites rookie also think, the article has been included in the search engine, but not many people see, PV will not rise. The problem lies in the need to promote site, good article, no one is pushing him, white wrote. If a good article placed in front of the user, he didn’t go to see enough, this is the core of the promotion. The site outside the chain is king, so attention should be paid to the chain, summarizes the chain gate rookie must know,

in my 3 years of experience in the chain, included fast, remarkable effect is fanchon and Links. The characteristic of this kind of website, just hang on your website, search engines will be included. Their features are: quick update, included. Web site a lot, like Cape of Good Hope, 114 directory and so on, Links platform not to say, you go to search, search the first 3 pages of the platform are Links platform, you only need to register, you don’t need to send the article, "