s Shanghai Longfeng in addition to ranking will have no other

has such a website, he is a shopping site, some relevant keywords in the search engine’s performance is very good, but the conversion rate is very low, the volume is also worth mentioning. Why is this happening? Then I personally stand on the user’s point of view on a shopping, I completely understand, that is because of a problem: the register too complicated.

is a website of the soul. Full and readable information will undoubtedly give the site a good soul. Web sites exist on the Internet’s significance lies in providing useful information quality for the majority of Internet users, the only way you website to get user acceptance. Users can get recognized so that the search engine will be recognized.

third: ease of use of

is the speed of surfing the Internet pursuit, only can bring their speed of smooth feeling. Imagine, when you open a web site, such as a half minutes without all that out, you will continue to wait? I think 90% people are not willing to continue to wait for, unless your site is the user must use, or close the site that the user must choose.

is a soulless website even if you’re ranked by increased again before is just your bounce rate, it is unable to play into the role of the user. So strong is the fundamental content of the website in the future in an invincible position.

he is set to enter the site must be registered in order to shopping, then the option to register at least 10 is required. It is these unreasonable setting caused the user antipathy, caused by the high flow but the conversion rate of very low situation.

second: the main contents of the website

: the first website loading speed

is Shanghai dragon as a search engine optimization, more than simple a ranking, he still has a lot of, as long as you can accurately grasp the purpose of Shanghai dragon will be able to understand, I personally think that the ultimate goal of Shanghai dragon is: do the user experience of the website of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, good search engine rankings, increase website traffic through Shanghai Longfeng, improve site conversion rate.

is Shanghai dragon Er we all know is to enhance the core of the web site keywords in the search engine exposure, increase website traffic, to achieve the network to increase the economic benefit of the company as a platform. On this basis, we regard the keyword in the search engine rankings is very important to see, the mood is also ranked as the waves ups and downs, is Shanghai dragon in addition to ranking will have no other? The answer is negative, Shanghai dragon in addition to keyword ranking there are a lot of things, the best Shanghai dragon will together with you to explore and share.

so the website loading speed is very important, even if your ranking is very high, the loading speed is very slow, as is futile. Because the user experience is extremely low. Your site will be extremely high bounce rate.