Shanghai New Dragon how the rapid growth of Shanghai dragon head

domain name is chosen first website, website structure, website the best use of DIV+CSS structure, can not use the JS framework to demonstrate effective content, display advertising is No. The site should have a clear navigation website home page, the list of calls. Simple and clear site structure.

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in no ranking, no weight to exchange chain, because this time exchange chain changed easily to the garbage station, or K station, because the weight is 0 of you is not a good identification. When your website ranking, you can begin to exchange links work. Exchange links also you insist, you exchange every day 1, a month is 30, the friendship in 30-40 is more reasonable, and then update the chain, the new good quality, eliminate is >



recently discovered new problems in the construction of ask more, most representative of the new novice, a station from the railway station to the old station, people can really learn the operation experience of Shanghai dragon. Today I give everybody to the construction and analysis of railway station, Shanghai dragon should be how to grow.

I personally do not recommend The choice of the domain name is more important in

website, if it is to buy a peer ranking, then similar site expired domain name is better, but the cost is also relatively more. If it is not so quick, choose a relatively close to their own brand of propaganda, good domain name, is a good choice. In the choice of the domain name, WWW looks quite tall (most of the site is to take WWW as the main domain name), but not WWW text links more convenient, many forum text link will automatically replace the WWW web site, but it does not replace the WWW without the URL of this chain the construction of more help.

website is ready to love Shanghai to submit their web site. And then to the relevant industry forum Wen, with the original address. This job is difficult, but also more obvious effect. Another is to free forum post with links to their own, this forum will require the accumulation of resources.

content is relatively monotonous, it is written, the construction of the chain, but as long as you insist every day the number of your total will be more substantial, quantitative cause a qualitative change, your website ranking will be relatively fast speed. With the total ranking you outside of the chain are closely related.

second, web page should be beautiful by the customer favorite content, welcomed by users, the user experience is good, the latter optimization can get. The contents of the article try to original, it is not possible to mix articles, and write a paragraph, what false original tools do not. The computer deal with computer is more powerful, pseudo original are identified, you can be miserable. The original reprint articles others it is best not to do, if there is no content can be written, it would not update is not reproduced.