Combat open the natural flow of the gate from rookie to master baby Title Optimization

everything is his key points, key points in customer preferences Taobao optimization, what the preferences of customers, we will give what.

the following violent insert theme! Optimization need to pay attention to what the title Taobao store baby

There are many factors affecting


title!Optimization promotion


1, a baby can use 2 promotion title, whether you are set? This must be set to two, continue to test.


4, the title with some marketing of words is very necessary to attract click. For example, special offer hot explosion models selling limited panic buying only one day,

2, the title will try to contain the product such as lace is a very important attribute that must be added. Because of your promotion time set of keywords, will use a large number of lace to the combination of keywords, that if there is no add, will affect quality.


Taobao, know the importance of natural flow, and how to set the baby title is priority among priorities for the natural flow, buyers in the shopping when Taobao is basically going aimlessly, most buyers will according to their own preferences in Taobao search search. This time the baby Title Keyword plays a decisive role, baby keywords set more detailed, more popular, more close to life, the chance of your baby to search is also higher. The following will teach you how to optimize the baby title, let the store flow to improve their 200%.

three word does not leave the bank, said the first train inside the promotion of how to optimize the

from here you can see, the same promotion, the first formal title as second hits with some marketing words to attract click click rate. So the train set is also very important to promote the title.

The main attribute of

3, ensure the promotion of title to read is more smooth. Don’t set a hard lace nightdress was very good, you must set the sling so awkward to read lace nightgown.

Taobao search, we are common, DSR, sales, price, shelf time, correlation and so on. The title, is a kind of correlation. And a factor affecting Title Correlation is the product attributes, that we are not unfamiliar, it releases, you need to fill in the corresponding different attributes, only improve the Property Title Optimization can better do. In general, the attribute represents your products, products that match your title.

train skills in the most basic or title. The title, keyword quality score will be relatively good, good quality of empathy, equivalent to show the amount of the same, you can get a lower price, also is to give you money.

different titles have much impact? Let’s look at the actual case of