The thought of love from Shanghai included changes and adjustment of the noble baby PR

I’ve been wondering, if the rankings do, a week or even a month do not look at the rankings, included, the chain, you can estimate the basic situation to your site now? I can think of the site should be in what degree? Or if you know now you will be ranked according to these adjustments? In my opinion, most people will still be in my own way through an article again walk, and then look back, a ranking, or learn to calm, calm when facing the noble baby, calm in the face of love Shanghai. Calm in the face of every change.

Shanghai dragon love Shanghai, love Shanghai, included a big adjustment, some web sites included 10 times the explosion, some web sites included the explosion reduced 100 times, in the event of today incredible, but occurs to happen, for what these should you want to do, or to do what a bother? Is changed to do Shanghai dragon habit? Do you have or promote links to buy or sell links to impulse, impulse and so on; in fact, whether noble baby PR or love Shanghai, are unable to keep you already planning good things, then it will be PR and love Shanghai included as the clouds, do their own thing, it is every Shanghai dragon should do.

remember that love Shanghai 520, while ranking in chaos, doubted whether they had the Shanghai dragon, some time to believe the time still have to believe, because some change is not completely overthrow a consistent point of view, there must be some of his reason, there is a saying that good, there that is reasonable, this is must. For, see, think, are there, and those who want to do, want to see, want to look for, certainly in the side is to adhere to the consistent principle, and as the essence of Shanghai dragon, and is more calm face everything with a view to observe the situation after the conclusion of.

Shanghai made a tough decision, then included the time greatly reduced, what do you think of love; today, Shanghai included big adjustment and noble baby PR update is on the same day, busy day in the forum are basically talking about such things, so for us the Shanghai dragon people, what are these advantages? As seen in the forum, said, today my hand just a few months maintenance site, PR changes to 2 or even to 4, however, when love Shanghai rampant today, PR can explain what, how much money I can explain the website value, then in the next PR update, the site became a price, why? PR is just a small standard, our mission center still love Shanghai.

When love

needs to do Shanghai Longfeng, then do insist, find themselves on the calm, to find those places to find their own way of learning and growth, is in every little bit, included update and noble baby PR from the love of Shanghai, "