Analysis of low end and high end issues in website users


in the sky before the post is often mentioned in the low-end and high-end users of the problem, but there are still a lot of friends ask me this user group in the low-end and high-end positioning problems, today said with characteristics of the user base in the low-end and high-end, then we can accurately in prophase planning do the positioning of website users group on the website, which is the key whether website can be profitable.

one, low end user group features

The scope and scale of the

1. low end user base is quite large,

we can not deny the richest men in the world accounted for only 20%, and 80% of people are not so rich, these 80% people are said to low-end users, this light will be a large, involved in the field of nature is relatively wide. Of course, it’s going to cost a lot of money to profit from them.

2. low-end user group requirements, like the Internet, like chatting, like to communicate with people

first of all, the low-end user groups more time, their ability to solve problems is weak, so they are more demanding, common internet access, and the like. But this kind of person likes surfing the Internet, likes chatting, such as QQ chats, on some dating sites and so on, they like to communicate with people online, which is their biggest characteristic.

3. low end user group loyalty high, sticky high, can advertise for you do word of mouth

This kind of

users on the Internet to find if a website, and can learn something or to make friends or to achieve some of his demands on the site, he felt better, he would often come to this site, and also can give other people recommend this website how, you can go and see. This is propaganda. As for me, the first thing is to open the computer every day I open my A5 home page to see some Adsense news, look at a push to understand some of the latest promotion methods like I don’t know some, and I often recommend users and friends to go to the website, this website told them how good in fact, this is to give them more publicity, publicity, reputation is good, nature will be most people’s attention.

two, high-end user group features

1. high-end user base small scale

This kind of

users accounted for only less than 20%, so their size is very small, if subdivided into specific areas that is smaller, but he is also good, this kind of person not shot or shot, but the income is considerable.

2. high-end user group requires less, even if there are problems, it is difficult to solve

this group itself problem solving ability is very strong, if really encountered the problem, that is also a big problem, the average person is not able to help them solve. Just like an old man