Lead the shop batch into the purchase trend into the bag net won the champion

it in less than a year’s time, leapt to the forefront, has become one of the fastest-growing, most, the most complete category of goods in stock, the largest and most professional bags wholesale network, the way ahead in a number of single day net bags wholesale shipments. There is no clear vision of the responsible man Huang Jian, the shrewd business acumen and hard work.

it currently has 1 independent brands and 2 distributor network brand, its own "Roman Roman fashion handbags, have" Paeonia King peony king "and" Princess family "2 brand network agency, created the highest cost-effective fashion brand


it is the incoming package network that leads the outlets to buy and sell in large quantities.

packets belong to Baoding Baigou Si Sha Jiao Agel Ecommerce Ltd.

into the package network was founded in May 2009, is committed to the advantages of sourcing and e-commerce perfect bundling, eliminating too many intermediate links from OEM manufacturers to direct retail terminals. In the packet network is China bags are the largest and most professional Baigou bag wholesale network. They use the strong geographical purchasing advantages, rich e-commerce management service experience and the most advanced Internet technology to provide the shopkeeper with the latest and best fashion bags.

Chinese have luggage Baigou, and the annual output of 500 million, accounting for gross domestic product 40%. At present, there are 2 million bags Baigou and related industry workers, into the packet network based on the advantages of bags Baigou richly endowed by nature in the packet processing base, network consists of 16 processing plants, processing households, steady processing package, to meet growing customer needs.

in the packet network responsible person Huang bridge to just over 20, but the vortex wave waves leaping wholesale, and write a new chapter in the online shopping.

Huang Hebei Gaobeidian city bridge, born in 87, years of operation, Taobao shop standing promotion planning business, served as taobao.com forum moderator, Ali mother community moderator, Taobao customer earning million stars, with the deep understanding and study of the domestic e-commerce market, now in the packet network founder and CEO.

The rapid development of

packet network:

10 months into the packet network already has nearly 200 thousand registered members throughout the country and Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other places, there are more than 2.1 roadside shops and stores, the night market bag into the bag net purchase in the year. Day IP nearly 10000, into the package network just 13 months time, from 4 people to nearly 20 employees, registered independent brand, registered Agel Ecommerce Ltd.

The main business of

into packet network:

business one, "399 yuan from the batch."".

started as a result of the financial crisis led to a substantial rise in unemployment from 08 at the end of the year, a wave of a wave of entrepreneurship in, blind investment directly lead to investment losses, the entrepreneur’s enthusiasm is a serious blow to the shop, the most popular first to study the market demand and what industry sales data >, taobao.com