Optimize your trading process so that your target audience is more consumer oriented

for online trading platform, it is more important is the true conversion rate, if visitors can not really translate into our consumers, even if the flow is high, but also useless. In this regard, how to encourage visitors to buy, has become a lot of online trading platform in the optimization of the station in the first issue. For how to motivate users, I think the most simple and direct way is to understand the user’s psychology first, and only when we understand the user’s consumer psychology, we can clearly understand the direction of our optimization. Here, I’ll talk about some key details about how to better motivate our users to spend.

1: optimize the registration process

online trading platform, there are generally need to register to consume and do not need to register can consume different patterns, before this, we need to know what the advantages and disadvantages of these two models.

The advantages of

registration in order to purchase.

1: you can enhance the brand awareness of online trading platform.

2: help operators to better collect user data, understand the needs of users.

3: enhance the user viscosity of the site, contribute to the establishment of membership system.

4: reduce those malicious buying behavior.

of course, the ability to register to buy, there are shortcomings:

1: will dispel the enthusiasm of many users purchase;

2: may reduce the user’s friendly experience.

for online trading platform, I think most of them choose to register after the Buy mode, which is of great benefit to the long-term development of online trading platform, but doing so may dispel some of the consumer actively. In this regard, I think we can use some strategies to reduce the impact of the purchase after registration. For example, we can give our visitors two modes, but as long as they buy through the registration, they can get a discount, for example, you can call twenty percent off.

then this will be a good way to motivate your users to register. Of course, some people said that we can use the integral form, but I believe that the integral form also let users can immediately enjoy registration benefits, see real benefits, so it can be very good to improve the consumer actively. From the human psychology, we can know that people always love to give yourself a reason for doing something, when users can get discounts, users have what reason not to do so? Registered users buy will significantly enhance the positive degree.

two: buy button optimization

in the online trading platform in common in the buy button we can generally see two buttons, respectively "add to cart" or "buy now", so there are differences between the two on the details of what. We know that a shopping cart is like…