Current situation of navigation website development

when everyone knows LXP on hao123 easily earn tens of millions, many people are eager for a fight, into the ranks of navigation web site navigation station, a momentum of rapid development. In October 2008, hao123 was acquired by Baidu; subsequently, 265 was acquired by Google; for a while, many people thought that the site navigation network could bring them huge income, and the phenomenon of following the trend was quite serious. Just a few years, the station has entered the competition white hot, since 2007, with the site competition intensified, each webmaster management and management innovation has also accelerated significantly. From single navigation to feature extensions, from interface variation to URL segmentation, from mass pages to personalized customization, from general navigation to deep navigation…… Site stations do everything possible to adapt to and meet different Internet users in many aspects, deep-seated demand, to the depth of stage development. As the pace of expansion is too high, some people think that the site industry has been declining.

In fact,

web site in China is still a relatively large space for development, China’s population of 1 billion 300 million, but users accounted for only 1/4, the novice is still very much, I usually in a cafe or city is often encountered in the two or three line, many people often cannot remember. Don’t know what could look, some even exaggeration to even know how to enter the URL is not clear, (for example) sometimes people ask me: how do you spell or web site? Chinese Internet users number, variety and diversity of demand will be particularly prominent. Therefore, the development of the site is bright, but some people do not grasp their own promotion methods, so that the industry is in decline.

web site promotion can not rely on search engines, such as when a website is not the content of the station, there is no frequently updated website content, Baidu gave permission is not high, to the website development in addition to the quality of the website is also focused on the promotion of the website, Internet users the ability to accept,

according to the survey, the website is still very market in the future. It is one of the Internet tools that Internet users can not live without. In the future, the website will show the following trends:

first, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. With the past few years by rogue software promotion is different, at present, the development of the site is facing fierce and more rational competition. On the one hand, the old site to keep his position, on the other hand, some of the bright younger generation not far behind, increase marketing efforts, spare no effort to catch up. It is understood that there are some web sites that have certain impact, take the website alliance, plug-in promotion and other means of payment. Because of the low starting point and the lure of interest, the station will continue to join the team to participate in the competition.

two is innovation and will continue to accelerate. Seize the site, station commanding heights of the fight, in fact, is the site of the station’s innovation competition. Web site requires both traditional and basic services such as web site classification, recommendation and management, and new application forms and projects should be continuously developed. Who can take the initiative in innovation, who can lock the home page of Internet users. According to the trend of development, personalization is the guide