ndividuals must develop a network to a certain height

just contact network, I think I like a lot of network members, just start doing blog, put some ads on googlead, look back every day, browse and click rates, to see what a good Wangzhuan forum to offline, click on the high price, slowly come into contact with the network to make money, a down interest, thought the network can to make money, then PPC, ppm, PPT, surf concept has been gradually.

to do a certain time, it is to make ends meet, energy and material consumption was more than offset by electricity, and cannot satisfy the needs of food and clothing, and then began to doubt, to find a better way to make money network, because we see the network of predecessors, his true love revealed a word I am not in the network deceive us to make money, just to see the original PPT is that we need to have their own website, and then to put up the ad code.

all naturally occurring, I came into contact with the website, ASP, PHP, CMS, space, domain name, after the website is done, feel hopeless, creative and planning at the beginning is too sloppy, not what the future, so there are second websites, but they tried to change the content of added content, find content, tired, think of the acquisition, then see the website full, feel good, did not find what people see, advertising naturally no money, then come into contact with SEO, Zac, stone, met Wang Tong, but to write original content website, too tired, so that the pseudo original know, copy writing, but when the real time traffic in, something to sell is not much, so the thought of information architecture, user experience, site credit and so on, do a good webmaster wide knowledge Is a must, more and more things every day to learn and accumulate more and more, they are afraid of days and forget, then made a Baidu blog "at the autumn leaves" as the network knowledge repository, later when I look back, here is what they have traveled footprints. Another point is that it is convenient to record knowledge wherever it is.

has learned a lot about websites. When you think about it, they are all connected. They are not independent. We can’t see the trees and forget the forest. Because we need the whole forest to have good performance. I hope he can clean up the space and hope that he will stop the sandstorm and hope that he will benefit mankind and hope that he will grow up and become a useful person.

so, when knowledge is accumulated to a certain extent, we should recognize themselves, should stand on the Internet and e-commerce operations and development to look at the height of a surface, can not sink in the website planning, website optimization, website art design and so on, we can for users to create more and better value. We can have a good development, can we be in an invincible position in the change of the Internet era.