Ask you what kind of website you want to do now

you brother master webmaster Hello! Not only the first time in the ADMIN5 article did not know what to say! My cultural level is not high also write what if they don’t laugh at me! Is a network of Internet more time to make a successful web site has been my the dream but a few free programs are not successful! Recently got a picture of station over a month didn’t promote flow has been not to day 10 IP sad ah! GOOGLE included only 100 pages of Baidu! The most irritating only included a home page! Here we strongly despise dead under the Baidu bully novice ah! My station is beautiful but pictures are standing after I carefully selected not a pornographic picture ah why Baidu not included ah Baidu is not love picture station ah Or pictures can not be included in the Baidu, I hope the experience under the guidance of ah, thank you!


here I sincerely ask you to experience the station Zhang brothers and sisters want you to tell us the most novice started doing what type of a station is better to use relatively easy to go on a regular station on the track! Please say you experience that we people do not detours easier thanks to success! You


first time posting ads ah ah not badly written please forgive me! I really hope ADMIN5 can pass the examination! The first time posting not blow through the words of a little big oh my ADMIN5

every day Oh!