How to improve the originality of the website

                the importance of the originality of the website; I believe that I do not say, we also have experience. The originality of a website is directly related to the search engine’s evaluation of your website, and also related to the size of the site’s revenue. So, how do you improve the originality of your website? This is every webmaster are more concerned about the problem, but also a headache. About improving the originality of the website, I am here to talk about my practice, I hope to give you some reference, of course, I hope you give me some webmaster opinion, and jointly improve.

                1. if you have capital strength you can recruit some professional website editor to give you write articles, but most of the people are not so much money, then you may wish to come up with a small part of your site’s revenue to the network find some part-time Internet writer update for you, this will be cheaper in general.

                  2. on the network directly to modify the article processing, we can modify the title of the article, at the beginning of the end, if you can, you can write on the one or two section.

         ;       3". You can find several articles on the same topic online, and then make a reasonable combination of them. However, we must ensure that the fluency and rationality of the article, do not engage in net friends can not read your article, so that no meaning, after all, your web site is for users to serve.

                4. to the forum or find some original articles or blog message, but there are a lot of valuable, but they are messy, scattered, so you have to collect these articles by combination, arrangement.

           ;       5. can find some books related to your web site, you can send articles in your ebook to your web site. Because many e-books in the article is not found on the Internet, but we must pay attention to the source of the article, do not infringement.

           ;     6. use Baidu know, YAHOO knowledge and other question and answer system >