How does the general website do the survival factor work of the website well


In the face of the

search engine on the web the more and more high quality requirements, a part of the normal site has been K or K is already in the edge, and in which there is a part of the webmaster especially unwilling, many of which are ordinary website owners, they are on the site dedicated, but the site is not to be recognized by users and search accept the engine.

in the face of this situation common website appears, the author is from a what all don’t understand the webmaster to now have a small team of 5 people, can be said to have a lot of survival experience of the website, a website to get search engine user recognition and acceptance, this is not a simple 1+1=2. But, to try to get 1+1=3, so that our website only possible to survive, it is impossible to follow the prescribed order search engine and users of dual recognition.

website must have new ideas, copy copy site can not live forever

a website without technology does not matter, no money does not matter, but a new site lost, lost soul, so that the site would not be forever, many webmaster know the success of hao123, so a large number of ordinary hao123 modeled the site appeared, the results so far apart from the web site? Some navigation website search engine of its own and a few still survive? We can see if a website is not new, to copy the copy others site is always an impossible for the site, which have been countless failures in the website confirmed.

puts user interests at the front of the site and webmaster interests,

said you have to talk about the interests of everyone’s selfish, I believe that 80% of the owners are too selfish, rob and the user interests, this is like you have the website today can only earn 50 yuan of money, the result because you seize the interests of users you can get 100 yuan interest today, from which we can see the inconsistency of user interests and the interests of the owners. In the face of conflict of interests and the interests of the owners of the user, as an ordinary webmaster must abandon their own interests, step back and open sky, the user’s interests as in front of their own interests, such as your website is a Taobao guest website, you do not for some goods in general but the Commission high commodity do promotion, so although you seem to get a higher income, but in fact you have hurt the heart of the user, the user will be your site if things go on like this out.

The core value of the

site is not the form, but the content,

we can open many websites, the website looks like into the dream, the site there are a lot of pictures or slides is not content, this website can cause visual impact to the user, but not a rich content of the site is ultimately impossible to get recognition of the user. Familiar with ZAC teacher’s blog webmaster friends on >