A grassroots webmaster site must consider the problem

a grassroots webmaster site, the need to think about the problem

first: make sure the website type, and think of the layout of the website. I don’t say much about it.

second: domain name and space selection, this is very important. In the selected domain should be considered when the domain name memory and the degree of difficulty of spelling, for the best to find some IDC certified businesses, at the same time to query the domain name before have no bad record, if you apply for the domain name has been Baidu or GGk that have been recorded, or as early as possible also to other. Secondly, the stability of space and the collection also have a direct relationship. It is learnt that unstable space is likely to cause the domain name to be dropped or directly affected by the possibility of K.

third: "optimization, we should all know, make a website is not a very difficult thing, you can design their own, more selective, network can download the source code can be directly applied, the CMS system to modify the key issues of promotion and Optimization in the website, how to make Baidu GG other search engines fast included you, I believe this is many webmaster every day and think of the problem, we don’t have enough money to go to the Baidu GG engine to do a keyword, how to do?? we can only rely on their own, to learn SEO optimization. I am also the first time to do the station, a lot of experience is not very enough, simply say I do stand experience!


I do is a video site, the domain name is haobob com, I used to spell the name from the domain name, good seeding than cinema, literal plus domain name is also relatively easy to overall memory, source Marx using the system template changes, this work can be completed in 3 hours. The next consideration is the promotion and optimization problem.

1, links. 2, the major forums blog post. 3, Baidu know, ask answer post, these three are my favorite "trick"

optimization keywords: I do is a film and television site, more popular keywords, free movies, free online movies, fast movies, fast broadcast ethical movies, ethical movies, more people search. First of all, we should analyze these keywords in the major engines in the rankings, the previous website, their keyword density and ranking. Here, I recommend you use Chinaz webmaster tools, or Admin5 webmaster tools.

soft Wen: this also counts a!


fourth: perseverance, updated website content, and finally I wish you a lot of IP, a lot of money,


original article, reproduced, please retain the following information: good broadcast than the theater http://s.www.haobob.com, thank you!