Baidu promotion too burn health care products industry how to reduce promotion costs

for a period of time in a class of female health care products company, is mainly responsible for the operation and management of the website of Baidu promotion together in this business, health care products in the promotion expenses above Baidu every day at about twenty thousand, the cost is very high, for the comprehensive management of network operators, this piece of the people, the pressure is very large, remove the normal operation of the website is not wrong, the opponent to prevent malicious attacks, prevent opponents brush tools such as customer service work, he had to take into account the adjustment of Baidu promotion account, often from eight points to seven in the morning to the evening adjustment account, midway also interrupted thinking to deal with some customer service, customers, and even their superiors what is going to be a meeting, but the pressure is enormous. The most common is that sales problems will come to our trouble, the customer said the consultation volume is not enough, will come to us trouble, never seen customer service, said to take the initiative to improve their communication service level.

, for example, a customer service consulting daily volume in there, all customer service communication is used to copy and paste form, occasionally typing, once asked the customer service such as visitor age are not within the scope of products to buy, to ignore, blame the bidding problem finally adjusted, that is not bring to customers, it is the bidding problem? This will lead to our topic today, Baidu promotion of health care products, how to reduce the cost.

from the link, we can divide the link into. Bidding, website, communication, after sale, two purchase.

1, bidding link

this is a very important link, Baidu promotion bidding is the main source of health care products flow, especially as it is very difficult to do site optimization of the health care industry, if there is no Baidu bidding flow introduced, website operation is very difficult, when I do Baidu health products is operating only 1:2. I heard someone did it over 1:4 or even 1:10, then it seems to me which is really very niubi.

The cost reduction of

bidding is nothing more than the choice of key words, the choice of region, and the selection of key words.


matching, if widely adopted and phrases, you need to use a lot of negative words, negative words are more and more, so we finally come to the conclusion that the "long tail + precise" can fully reduce the cost account, but does not affect the promotion effect.

regional choice, we through the classification of customers, regional customers of Baidu promotion and consumer price, than the input-output ratio calculation, found that if the promotion cost high, low cost of promotion into single will reduce or even stop the regional promotion, this also can save some costs.

keyword positioning is for long tail word positioning, long tail word is need to fully read the search word, report the final word library, every day change is more tired, generally 7 days update a long tail can.

focus: in fact, how can we reduce the Baidu promotion account?