Explore the path of cooperation between Taobao store and vertical website in no Baidu era

recently, Taobao web site shielding Baidu search crawlers, prohibit Baidu search engines crawl Taobao site. This will undoubtedly affect the flow of the vast number of Taobao stores. Traffic is the Taobao store to increase sales threshold, no traffic, no one like to visit your shop, and how to make money? Therefore, "Baidu era" of the Taobao store, shop a pressing matter of the moment is to improve the flow. Cooperation with Ali mother is an aspect of the initiative with the majority of small and medium-sized sites, especially vertical sites cooperation, but also pragmatic.

first of all, what is a vertical web site? What is called a vertical web site is a section of a large and full level Web site (also known as an integrated web site). Vertical sites focused on some specific areas or specific needs, or demand in this area to provide full depth information and related services, as the Internet new highlights vertical website attracts more and more attention. The Taobao store also has "vertical" characteristics, many Taobao stores are because the owner of a certain commodity has a unique or more familiar with the loan channels and opened. Taobao store and vertical site cooperation, will be a win-win result. For example, auto vertical sites, like a private network, mainly to provide AC driving experience for private car owners, car accessories, car introduced recommended, decoration technique and product information, the audience is relatively specific, objective of users to access more clearly, this kind of website if cooperation with car supplies Taobao store, the effect will be compared with other web sites.

then, what are the channels for Taobao to cooperate with vertical sites,


as a webmaster, I think the following ways can be considered:

1, the most common way of cooperation is advertising cooperation. And the vertical cooperative advertising on the site, the most important thing is to "put some loss, such as advertising in the private network, it must be related to automotive supplies Taobao shop is appropriate. Vertical web site can be found on the website of Ali’s mother, and two can be found on the classification column of China’s website ranking network, and can also be found from various websites. In addition, Taobao owners in the design of advertising pictures, must have brand awareness, to design their own Taobao shop name, so as to extend your advertising effect.

2 publish merchandise information on a vertical web site. Now, many vertical websites believe in "content is king", there is no content of the vertical web site, there is no popularity. Taobao store on the vertical web site to release commodity information, in fact, to some extent, to meet the needs of the site for professional content, both sides have a certain complementarity. When releasing the commodity information, must not forget to add own Taobao shop propaganda and the link. Thus, if you are interested in your information, it is easy for visitors to visit your shop. Especially when the web page with your Taobao information is included in a better location by search engines, the effect is surprisingly good and unexpected. When I used to do Google Adsense, I designed a Picasa Download