How to get the link benign cheat

benign method:

one, popular keywords ranking better reverse links.

in general, super popular keywords ranking better site, in addition to familiar doors, outdoor have specialized SEO link construction, through looking for their reverse link will have good harvest. Of course, the reverse link of competitors is more worthy of attention.

example: "wow gold" in the top three Google site, to Yahoo to observe the reverse link. In addition to its own station group links, a large part can still be shared. Of course, there are quite a lot of junk links in it, too.


two, good at comprehensive application of Google hack command to find.

be familiar with intitle, inurl, intext, site, double quotes "," minus filetype.

example: 1) blog intitle: registration; 2) robots.txt, disallow:, filetype:txt (

or directory)

three searches based on characteristic nouns.

blog construction is one of the most simple and effective link construction methods accepted by many SEO. Some people build it with blog group, and some people register by hand. In this process, you can trace certain feature words for search, mining, such as a given user’s registered user name, and certain specific program tags.

example: 1) blog inurl:williamlong; 2) register intitle:, powered by,

four, dofollow blog search.

Details of the

related dofollow spoke before a link query.

five and site maps are submitted to community RSS readers.

once told me and news promotion is one of the main ways to promote the site, in fact, feed submitted more practical. Just make your site content an updated sitemap.xml and submit it to the main feed, and there will be a lot of backlinks.

example: submit the file of rss.xml to bloglines. (Note: Google reader cannot share links via Ajax Technology)

six, some free sharing platform.

long ago, free home space is very valuable and popular. Now you can apply more advanced free independent website system and content sharing.

example: google>