build some experience of county websites

I’m from Ganyu, and I’m very concerned about Ganyu in college. Hope that through the network to understand the development of Ganyu, Ganyu’s status quo. However, I found that many government websites in Ganyu have not been updated for a long time, and some have even been hung up. There’s so little news about Ganyu on the internet. In addition to the 2007 Ganyu County procuratorate killed the Secretary case, let my classmates know the county of Ganyu, and then mention Ganyu with them, almost no impression. In view of such a situation, in 2008, I decided to make a website for myself, for the majority of Ganyu villagers do an authentic Ganyu site, do a real Ganyu people’s online home.

mentions us in Ganyu and has to ask two people:

The ancient

, Ganyu’s biggest star is Xu Fu, he led thousands of people, young boys and girls and has prepared three years of food, clothing and medicine and equipment Qiuxian into the sea, eventually became the ancestors of Japanese. Today, Ganyu’s biggest star is Yong Hou. The recent hit TV series, a "highland", "wolf", he starred in "Amazon" in Wang Hui. Yong Hou played the role with a strong flavor of Ganyu. Talk too much, get to the point now. Talk about some experiences and insights I have made at the county level local stations.

1. Domain name selection

2008 December, I intend to do our local station in Ganyu County, the program has been selected, using discuz6.0 to build a forum, the key is the choice of domain name, let me very distressed. County level site domain name must take into account the local majority of people’s cultural level and understanding of the network hierarchy.

first of all, I gave up English, name is Ganyu, China, but for county level Internet users, there must be a lot of people do not understand what CN means, it is not conducive to promotion. Then, the area code and the zip code have all been registered. Finally, I chose a three spell "love Ganyu "; in fact, the domain name selection is successful, first of all, to the mouth, secondly, the name can cause people’s sympathy in Ganyu. Like love XX domain names, recently also began to pop up, for example, Han Han’s good friend pull pull registered love city domain name. Look at the introduction, seems to want to do a city community life information station.

two, forum construction.


forum set up early, I do not use the collection, I will hand enrich the contents of the forum, the main is to search some associated with the Ganyu cultural and historical topics, economic development and various aspects of the news, our county local pictures. When I updated almost 1000 posts, I began to advertise. First in a group of my own, the response was very good, I almost did not do any publicity, some people in the group for me propaganda. They love Ganyu web site sent to the post bar, QQ group, etc.. 20>