Follow the contents of Sohu operation


writes, I’d like to share with you a book I’ve read recently – "beyond the gateway, Sohu new media operation manual.". This book by the current Vice President of information, the former southern weekend, Sohu editor in chief Wu Chenguang teacher writing. The book uses a large number of cases to tell the Sohu in the new media and mobile Internet era, how to combine their own news media professionalism and professionalism, to do portal content publishing and news reports. read more

Lara Park Liao Zhuoying with 6 million 200 thousand in financing continue to be the leader of the

Abstract: in the face of the $300 billion red sea market, the camp chosen as a science and engineering background is dormant. The preparation of food, digging trenches, do work, training officers, is a pressing matter of the moment ", he believes that he will lead the soldiers to success lay high hopes for the battle in August.

‘s $300 billion worth of gay market has flooded many entrepreneurs in the past two years. The market is very big, but never a camp Lala Park founder All in, a little "over": in the past 1 years, Lara received only 2 pen financing amount is very small, a 1 million yuan, a 3 million yuan. read more

build some experience of county websites

I’m from Ganyu, and I’m very concerned about Ganyu in college. Hope that through the network to understand the development of Ganyu, Ganyu’s status quo. However, I found that many government websites in Ganyu have not been updated for a long time, and some have even been hung up. There’s so little news about Ganyu on the internet. In addition to the 2007 Ganyu County procuratorate killed the Secretary case, let my classmates know the county of Ganyu, and then mention Ganyu with them, almost no impression. In view of such a situation, in 2008, I decided to make a website for myself, for the majority of Ganyu villagers do an authentic Ganyu site, do a real Ganyu people’s online home. read more

Has been to winter the portal is more difficult than print media to survive

News of the massive downsizing of

‘s Web site has renewed concerns about the survival of portals. This year, following the Sina and Sohu, third portal sites have been laid off.

looking at the history of Internet technology, as in any field of history, there is no winner forever. When led by YAHOO portal in the last century at the end of 90s beginning, no one could expect that in the past twenty years, the Internet has changed people’s way of take cities and seize territory, reading and thinking mode. In a sense, YAHOO is the portal era benchmark, later Sina, Sohu, NetEase in the start-up time, only need to follow the rules established by YAHOO portal – open, free and profit, can in a short period of time to enjoy the time with revolutionary innovation brought dividends. read more

Comrade Webmaster what did you do for the nternet

is dead, I am a person in front of the computer, I knock the intention to write their own blog.

from 2000 to see first with the mouse DOS computer system, to 2002 to see the first color screen of the computer, and then to 2003 website, now eight years old, a look back, MD, contact contact computer network for so many years, what I have done? < / p>

the first stop I did was actually a BBS community, our campus forum. Small forum through a few months posters and development, registered users broke through thousands of people, the number of online also maintained at about 50 people. I did not know what IP, PV, PR, just because the kind of happy and happiness within the atmosphere of the forum, just because of love, and I do not know how to use the Internet to make money, just blindly development development (I was innocent…… ). Do my second year forum, I wait until the fourth year forum, the number of more than 3000 people, at the time of our school is an influential campus BBS, it is a pity that I still like 03 years of "pure", until one day received Beijing Daqi friend sent me a message, tell me for advertising, in my forum monthly payment, 300 yuan a month, and at once and I signed a one-year advertising contract. This is my first three years since the site of the income, and that paper contract seems to me as a stand for three years of return, accompanied me out of the campus. read more

Buying and selling links Ten superstitions in chain Trading 1

A5 all good friends, I am the occupation link seller, my QQ is 88124886, thank you for your continued support! A5 is a set of master and rookie in a station hall, especially there are more master of my clients, in learning and communication, I grow up. Looking back, is really unspeakable feeling.

believe you are basically in the webmaster, webmaster webmaster bitter only knew the talent. Since the occupation of stationmaster, every morning the first thing is to look at the A5, and then go to the SITE site of your own, and then go to update the site, then a packet of instant noodles to solve the physiological needs, then go to search for the profitable website. This road is full of so many uncertain factors, sometimes by Baidu bully, sometimes by GG when the toss, I can’t stand it, on the network several webmaster friends constantly encourage you, you back up, continue to adhere to. Looking at the sale of a station, selling advertising stations, selling advertising, income over 10000, and even a few server money to tighten their belts…… Head of the world, is really a world full of Men’s feelings are changeable. vientiane. read more

Case deep understanding of Japan’s largest recipe sharing UGC community COOKPAD

edit tutorial

COOKPAD is Japan’s largest recipe sharing UGC community, by capturing women’s "what to eat tonight" mentality and providing real-time, varied recipes. Most of the recipes are shared by housewives themselves. What makes this UGC community? How profitable is it? And what’s the inspiration for the domestic food community,


Who is



to let us know what it is, COOKPAD membership system, now average monthly number of active in more than 1500W, 20-40 years old women accounted for 44.6%, in other words the Japanese twenty or thirty year old women must have a COOKPAD user. They are a group of people in the city is without doubt the most purchasing power, from the flow of data, PV daily access to a peak at 16:00-17:00, another perspective, COOKPAD has a profound impact on Japanese women "do what to eat tonight". Another noteworthy data from the April 2012 traffic, 15 million 210 thousand of the UV in 1069w from PC, as well as 451w from the mobile browser. Imagine a young girl after work to the supermarket and buy the food using a mobile phone on the COOKPAD network, home to check recipes, cooking and then share on the Internet, needless to say, UGC era, such a high viscosity, high conversion rate of the business model left us much imagination, you know. read more

Being a garbage station is a good domain name that makes you look free

The so-called

station perhaps in the eyes of different people have different positioning, some of the interface called unsightly garbage station, someone put the copy and paste called trash… Etc… so I can not be generalized, referred to here is the station by advertising alliance, there is no unique the profit model of the website is called "dump", in fact, sometimes "junk" is not really rubbish, as long as you can make money on the line, after all, a grassroots webmaster is not the so-called team compared, a person’s energy is limited, after all, in my eyes now most of the webmaster do the site is called "dump" is not really the most. Today’s heartbreak is about the relationship between garbage sites and domain names. A good domain name, even a garbage dump, makes you garbage different. read more

From art to the Web the experience of a 80 female stationmaster

I, a girl born in an ordinary family, the conservative thoughts of my family, do not have any right to choose my own future. Once, I dreamed of studying the art and design I loved. Once there was an opportunity for me to study at the Art Institute. I was forced to give up because of the opposition of my family. Under the arrangement of my family, I walked into the University gate.

like every college student, love is not new on campus. Here, met him. A very personality, but very gentle boy. Soon, we fell in love. He is keen on doing web sites and spends most of his day in the computer; and the Internet just gives me convenient chat channels and quick ways of searching. Because of this, our topic is getting less and less, facing each other, only silence. I began to complain that he did not have time to accompany me, just do some boring things; and he also I don’t understand his work, two people quarrel more time is. read more

How to locate your website pay attention to the concept of control

we create the concept of source in the practice, the reason why painstakingly created so a simple concept, in order to make abstract ideas and techniques of visualization, let everyone especially the students can better understand the basic deviation; and worthy of our great excitement, through the creative concept, let us on SEO understand more on a higher level, our SEO practice become more clear.

seemingly large and complex SEO technology, here, through these concepts were combed:

through the target keyword and long tail keywords concept, let us know the purpose and direction of doing SEO: use home page to do the target keywords, with content page and column page to optimize the long tail keywords. read more