Case deep understanding of Japan’s largest recipe sharing UGC community COOKPAD

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COOKPAD is Japan’s largest recipe sharing UGC community, by capturing women’s "what to eat tonight" mentality and providing real-time, varied recipes. Most of the recipes are shared by housewives themselves. What makes this UGC community? How profitable is it? And what’s the inspiration for the domestic food community,


Who is



to let us know what it is, COOKPAD membership system, now average monthly number of active in more than 1500W, 20-40 years old women accounted for 44.6%, in other words the Japanese twenty or thirty year old women must have a COOKPAD user. They are a group of people in the city is without doubt the most purchasing power, from the flow of data, PV daily access to a peak at 16:00-17:00, another perspective, COOKPAD has a profound impact on Japanese women "do what to eat tonight". Another noteworthy data from the April 2012 traffic, 15 million 210 thousand of the UV in 1069w from PC, as well as 451w from the mobile browser. Imagine a young girl after work to the supermarket and buy the food using a mobile phone on the COOKPAD network, home to check recipes, cooking and then share on the Internet, needless to say, UGC era, such a high viscosity, high conversion rate of the business model left us much imagination, you know. read more

Being a garbage station is a good domain name that makes you look free

The so-called

station perhaps in the eyes of different people have different positioning, some of the interface called unsightly garbage station, someone put the copy and paste called trash… Etc… so I can not be generalized, referred to here is the station by advertising alliance, there is no unique the profit model of the website is called "dump", in fact, sometimes "junk" is not really rubbish, as long as you can make money on the line, after all, a grassroots webmaster is not the so-called team compared, a person’s energy is limited, after all, in my eyes now most of the webmaster do the site is called "dump" is not really the most. Today’s heartbreak is about the relationship between garbage sites and domain names. A good domain name, even a garbage dump, makes you garbage different. read more

From art to the Web the experience of a 80 female stationmaster

I, a girl born in an ordinary family, the conservative thoughts of my family, do not have any right to choose my own future. Once, I dreamed of studying the art and design I loved. Once there was an opportunity for me to study at the Art Institute. I was forced to give up because of the opposition of my family. Under the arrangement of my family, I walked into the University gate.

like every college student, love is not new on campus. Here, met him. A very personality, but very gentle boy. Soon, we fell in love. He is keen on doing web sites and spends most of his day in the computer; and the Internet just gives me convenient chat channels and quick ways of searching. Because of this, our topic is getting less and less, facing each other, only silence. I began to complain that he did not have time to accompany me, just do some boring things; and he also I don’t understand his work, two people quarrel more time is. read more

How to locate your website pay attention to the concept of control

we create the concept of source in the practice, the reason why painstakingly created so a simple concept, in order to make abstract ideas and techniques of visualization, let everyone especially the students can better understand the basic deviation; and worthy of our great excitement, through the creative concept, let us on SEO understand more on a higher level, our SEO practice become more clear.

seemingly large and complex SEO technology, here, through these concepts were combed:

through the target keyword and long tail keywords concept, let us know the purpose and direction of doing SEO: use home page to do the target keywords, with content page and column page to optimize the long tail keywords. read more

How to teach you three indexed by DMOZ

1, DMOZ (ODP) simplified Chinese directory, the lack of editorial staff.

currently DMOZ (ODP) Chinese Simplified directory, many categories do not have an editor, I manage the blog personal directory before there is no editor, resulting in the accumulation of a large number of not yet addressed web site. Not if there is superior editor, but you should know, the workload is very large, I do know my editor, my blog management person "this directory has occupied most of my time on the internet. Because we definitely want to browse the author’s website and see if it doesn’t meet the requirements. All editors are duty bound to maintain DMOZ (ODP) and use their spare time as an editor. It takes time. read more

nternet 10 years have ten years of rain and rain Road

has always had a desire to want to own the ten years witnessed the development of the Internet and his ten years of experience in the writing is not good, but suffer from fear of the people, so the joke, just stay in the thinking stage, has not written, occasionally prompted by a sudden impulse to write something, or " the " came out, his shy; oblivious to reading, just remember there have been so interesting, but it still belongs to the self appreciation.

Internet is nearby in the Chinese prosperity ten years ago, I was in the ten years of development, due to the self limited capacity, has been removed from the Internet arena, has been unknown to the public, I know you cannot climb the peak of the Internet, do not have the ability to obtain sufficient wealth and can achieve success and win recognition! In order to survive, have mixed it will leave the arena, the next thing, I never predict, but at the same time many Internet people to stand up, my heart is unwilling, but also feel helpless. So, often to find all kinds of excuses, excuses every time after your heart always get a satisfied and satisfied, the common excuse is nothing more than the following: 1, my age is still small, there is a long road? (the fact that this excuse now no matter when used! I am so big, many Internet users are successful, such as Ding Lei, Ma Huateng, Chen Tianqiao,… I can only be a fool again! Now I still accomplish nothing, nothing at all!); 2, my heart is too soft, I too good (this makes sense, as the saying goes, the primitive accumulation of capital are bloody! But I just didn’t have the heart! In my side, there is a friend, 2005-2006, through the virtual network, it earned about thirty million, although he was illegal, but the people took five hundred thousand, It is the last thing on it, but now he settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, and the use of money, it enjoyed tremendous business opportunities for traditional industries also greatly good conscience!!) 3, I did not encounter the horses, although I called "maxima", but "people, geography, and" on the road of entrepreneurship are indispensable! (which is actually a way of self comfort, there is a horse ah, is at best than ordinary horse fast then a little) 4, I do not have a rich or powerful father (this is born, can not be forced, as an excuse, also think over, not too deep!) 5, I was really limited. (this is tell her the truth, though a not too late, but I also spent 10 years to get out!). Excuse to find more, but their own way is more narrow, more and more uneven, more and more upset, and more and more feel the road is vast, read more

An old programmer a new webmaster’s speech

I left college for four years in 2003, signed up for a small state-owned enterprise and worked as a programmer. Blink of an eye there for 5 years, during which China’s Internet non-stop development of high-speed five years. At the end of 2008, the contract expires, see the vigorous development of the Internet, look at your wallet and a bleak future atrophy, the heart is very sad, I decided to resign, to seek development.

so I became the legendary SOHO gens.

resigned and fired the boss. He was in a good mood, but what was he going to do when he resigned? I didn’t think about it. At that time, just want to temporarily rest years ago at home, recharge, years later to find a new job, to nine to five, after all, in most people’s eyes, this is the right path, of course, the webmaster A5 certainly a contemptuous disregard of the idea, but this was on my mind. After the resignation of the dark days, suddenly do not have to get up early to work, the point of sleep is difficult to guarantee, and often stay up late at night to 2, 3 (learning, writing procedures)…… ), then sleep till the second day noon, eat dinner after getting up, then turn on the computer will be made to stay, to practice the afternoon, evening and then stay up late…… Soon to end in 2008, one day suddenly filled with wisdom: even to find a job, money is still uncertain, it is better to be a webmaster. read more

Garbage inside the Amoy gold soft Wen promotion to see over

many webmaster asked me, your website looks like an authentic dumpster like, why every day there are tens of thousands of individuals to cruise ah, is not on the flicker? I really know ah, one day after my classmates asked what I can tell the secret, he said: "the garbage inside the Amoy gold"! He also repeatedly scold me silly B.

is a first in the domestic N refers to the software download site, nature is more than the sky, China in the Pacific, these have a large consortium behind the support website, but how can we personal webmaster do Baidu first page is the greatest success in the industry. read more