nternet giants change the domain name caused by the association of domain name and SEO

read: it is reported that, mi.com officially held by millet company on April 21st, for the purchase of this domain name, millet spent a lot of money. Lei Jun also expresses, new domain name thief is expensive, estimate to be the most expensive domain name on Chinese Internet history,


domain name is one of the most important intangible assets of Internet Co and individual owners, all the content of the website and traffic are associated with a particular domain name, the Internet giants have so far observed, in the company’s development to a certain stage, will change more in line with the user experience good domain name. read more

How to do a good job of user experience and enhance user viscosity


, I wrote an article about "SEO is not too tight on the details, the user experience is kingly", and everyone is very concerned about it. Today, another way to talk about how to increase the user experience of the site? How to increase user viscosity?

the so-called user experience, that is, users enter the site, resulting in a good impression, resulting in a friendly attitude towards the site, of course, the ultimate goal is to increase user turnover. Nonsense, say little, directly into the subject, directly from the human sense to analyze. read more

How do diagrams make your content more sharable

‘s biggest setback for web editors is the content they spend hours writing, and no one actually shares their content on social networks. Social media is a ring to help you grow the enterprise and the brand critical, you need to have advantage sharing on social networks, as the blog content not only requires the participation and authority, it also needs to be shared, so how is your blog more shareable? I will make elaborated below.

1: keep it simple,

when you prune your redundant content, your content is more easily shared. A tedious content page will not only distract the reader from reading your content, but also leave them with little thoughts of sharing your content. A more Sharable Content doesn’t come from the content of the page. Typesetting is also important, as shown in the following figure. read more

High school to young girls into the webmaster circle learn to do weight loss station

is not afraid of jokes, just a few days ago, I am still a patient, a depressed, tired, neurasthenic patient. Do you know what depression is? I think I should know more or less. Yes, that kind of person who doesn’t feel like living and want to kill himself.

I’m nervous, I’m scared, I hate it, I hate the teacher, I hate school. In March 11th, I came back from school because I couldn’t stay at school. My parents took me to see a doctor. In fact, I knew that no matter how many pills were taken, I was sick because of my heart. After five days at home, I went back to school, but only stayed at school for a day and I went home again. Back home, in the face of relatives and friends inquiry and regret, let me more confused and lost. That day I was jittery, all night without sleep, or take a nap woke up, and then the restless night. read more

Analysis of the reasons why micro blog is gradually buried from the angle of operation

Internet era of social networking has been greatly simplified, people don’t need to go out to do the same thing, only need to interact on social networking sites, each point of praise or comment on each other, this distance naturally be closer, of course, this also makes the emergence of a large number of social networking sites have become popular. For example, micro-blog is one of the representatives, members of the popular micro-blog is to let micro-blog into a network society darling. But today, micro-blog will gradually end up, people can not find social shadow on micro-blog, micro-blog and many inconveniences have gradually emerged, micro-blog is slowly declining, it is lost to time and their own, so in this era of change rapidly, if micro-blog not to the benign development, inevitably abandoned by the tide of the times, will be gradually to other social networking sites. read more

How do add to the search engine

mentions how to increase the search engine to the website collection question. We may think of here for me SEO SEO optimization, or feel too profound to be understood. I use some local methods to increase the collection of websites.

one. Be diligent, and write some soft text (published in the article with your own web link) published in the power of the major web site, the better station is A5, webmaster nets, etc.. I used to have two articles published in A5 webmaster online, second days each article that is reprinted by 8-9 websites, realize the two development of the link. read more

Follow the contents of Sohu operation


writes, I’d like to share with you a book I’ve read recently – "beyond the gateway, Sohu new media operation manual.". This book by the current Vice President of information, the former southern weekend, Sohu editor in chief Wu Chenguang teacher writing. The book uses a large number of cases to tell the Sohu in the new media and mobile Internet era, how to combine their own news media professionalism and professionalism, to do portal content publishing and news reports. read more

Lara Park Liao Zhuoying with 6 million 200 thousand in financing continue to be the leader of the

Abstract: in the face of the $300 billion red sea market, the camp chosen as a science and engineering background is dormant. The preparation of food, digging trenches, do work, training officers, is a pressing matter of the moment ", he believes that he will lead the soldiers to success lay high hopes for the battle in August.

‘s $300 billion worth of gay market has flooded many entrepreneurs in the past two years. The market is very big, but never a camp Lala Park founder All in, a little "over": in the past 1 years, Lara received only 2 pen financing amount is very small, a 1 million yuan, a 3 million yuan. read more

build some experience of county websites

I’m from Ganyu, and I’m very concerned about Ganyu in college. Hope that through the network to understand the development of Ganyu, Ganyu’s status quo. However, I found that many government websites in Ganyu have not been updated for a long time, and some have even been hung up. There’s so little news about Ganyu on the internet. In addition to the 2007 Ganyu County procuratorate killed the Secretary case, let my classmates know the county of Ganyu, and then mention Ganyu with them, almost no impression. In view of such a situation, in 2008, I decided to make a website for myself, for the majority of Ganyu villagers do an authentic Ganyu site, do a real Ganyu people’s online home. read more

Has been to winter the portal is more difficult than print media to survive

News of the massive downsizing of

‘s Web site has renewed concerns about the survival of portals. This year, following the Sina and Sohu, third portal sites have been laid off.

looking at the history of Internet technology, as in any field of history, there is no winner forever. When led by YAHOO portal in the last century at the end of 90s beginning, no one could expect that in the past twenty years, the Internet has changed people’s way of take cities and seize territory, reading and thinking mode. In a sense, YAHOO is the portal era benchmark, later Sina, Sohu, NetEase in the start-up time, only need to follow the rules established by YAHOO portal – open, free and profit, can in a short period of time to enjoy the time with revolutionary innovation brought dividends. read more