Social Policy Framework Outlined to Senior Government Staff

first_imgGovernment departments working together with communities to develop and implement social policy is the principle behind Nova Scotia’s new framework for social prosperity released today, Nov. 30. Premier Rodney MacDonald spoke to senior managers and policy makers in government about the framework that outlines how social prosperity, economic prosperity, and environmental sustainability are linked. “Virtually every government department has something to do with social policy,” said Premier MacDonald. “We can let these departments work independently or we can weave departmental efforts together — work as a team — in a collective, co-ordinated effort that makes a real difference in the lives of Nova Scotians. “This is our vision, it’s what we want this province to achieve for all Nova Scotians.” Weaving the Threads: A Lasting Social Framework is a companion document to government’s economic development strategy Opportunities for Sustainable Prosperity. It is the basis for building issue-specific strategies and actions to meet the social priorities of Nova Scotians. “With the Weaving the Threads document, Nova Scotia is making an important first step to integrate the idea of a broader social prosperity into all aspects of public policy and not silo it within a single department. For this we commend them,” said Valerie Payn, president of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce. “Now the challenge will be to make this happen, to move it past the idea stage, and change the mind set of people at both ends of the economic spectrum.” Minister of Community Services Judy Streatch said the initiative will help shape the future. “Social prosperity is about people — how we live, what we value, what we do — our quality of life,” said Ms. Streatch. “It is about making decisions today that sustain and enhance that quality of life for our children and grandchildren.” “I am hopeful that government’s vision with the social prosperity framework will benefit Nova Scotia children and families with clear investments in community programs and services,” said Yvonne Blanchard, executive director of Nova Scotia Council for the Family. “It provides a good foundation to base the province’s social programming.” IWK CEO Anne McGuire congratulated the province for the policy. “I’m delighted with the direction government is headed with this new social prosperity document,” said Ms. McGuire. “The new strategic plan for the IWK is absolutely in keeping with Weaving the Threads: A Lasting Social Fabric.” Strategies and plans relating to Weaving the Threads: A Lasting Social Framework will be announced soon. The document can be found at: read more

Court issues order against Chunnakam protest

Gunasekera said that the court order was issued on Murugan Kumaravel, the President of an organisation based in the North which was to stage the protest. A similar court ban had been issued on Saturday against protests being staged in the Jaffna town. (Colombo Gazette) The Mallakam Magistrate has issued an order preventing protests being staged in Chunnakam for 14 days with effect from today.Police spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekera said that the court order was issued after the police received information that a protest was going to be staged in the area over the rape and murder of a school girl in Kayts recently. read more