Nimba Rioters Seeking Bail

first_imgThe remaining 12 persons detained in connection with a violent protest that damaged millions of United States dollars worth of properties at the ArcelorMittal concession area in Nimba County, may likely be temporarily freed, if their request for bail is accepted by Judge Boima Kontoe.Cllr. Kontoe is the presiding judge of the Saniquellie Criminal Court in Nimba County, where the crimes were committed.ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company operating in the country.The 12 were among 41 persons who were directly involved in the riots and were subsequently released on bail.They were charged in early July 2014 with multiple charges, including rioting and  armed robbery.In their request for bail, the defense lawyers argued that there is no physical evidence or probable cause to believe that the crime charged were committed and the defendants were the people who committed the crime.The defense lawyers  further argued that prosecutors failed to display the confiscated arms as physical evidence.According to the defense lawyers, since there is not enough evidence, the court should grant their clients bail, so that they may be temporarily released  from further detention at the Monrovia Central Prison.However, prosecutors, in counter argument,  maintained that enough probable cause exists to require the court to bind the 12 defendants over to the grand jury (that is, for their cases to go to a grand jury).And the request for bail must be denied, because the crimes they were charged with are capital offenses and are non-bailable ones.Under the law, a suspect is usually allowed to get out of jail by posting bail unless he or she is accused of a capital crime.A capital crime is a crime such as murder, rape, or armed robbery that is punishable by long prison sentences, life imprisonment, or death. Bail, or surety, is generally denied by the courts for defendants accused of these types of crime. In many cases, bail is also denied if the defendant is a repeat offender or if the crime is a violent one. Also, bail is a certain amount of money or property value that must be posted with the court. By posting bail, a suspect can avoid having to wait in jail until his or her trial. The money or property is a guarantee that the accused will appear in court for each required court appearance and for the trial.Judge Kontoe will this week decide whether enough evidence has been presented by the prosecution to establish sufficient probable cause to deny the bond request; or whether there exists  no evidence to have the defendants’ bail denied.The defendants are accused of setting ablaze the properties of ArcelorMittal, including several pieces of mining equipment, a locomotive train, and made away with several valuable items.They were said to have fled to several hideouts, including their homes where they were arrested by officers of the Liberia National Police to undergo investigation in keeping with law.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

182 contracted employees still at Region 3

first_img2016 Auditor General Report– REO lays blame for delay at feet of PSCThe Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara) administration is yet to regularise almost 200 of its contract employees, laying the blame for this, however, at the feet of the un-constituted Public Service Commission (PSC).Region 3 REO Denis JaikarranWhen the Regional Executive Officer (REO) for Region Three, Denis Jaikarran, appeared before the Public Accounts Commission (PAC) at the National Assembly, he provided the Commissioners with an update on the situation.What they have been able to do, the PAC was informed, is to regularise 102 contracted persons in 2016. The regional authorities claimed that confirmation of the remaining 182 contracted employees was dependent on the PSC.“Before the Commission went out of commission, we were able to propose persons who were on contracted employment be placed on the permanent establishment,” Jaikarran said, adding that the remaining workers were employed last year.According to the report, “Amounts totalling $2.592 billion were expended on Employment Cost for 2016. According to the National Estimates, the Regional Administration had a staffing structure of 2165; however, the actual staff of the Regional Administration exceeded the authorised strength by 64.”In response, the Head of the Budget Agency had indicated that the Regional Administration has already taken steps to move its employees over to the permanent system, and this process was expected to be completed by the end of October 2018.It was recommended that the Audit Office recommends that the Regional Administration continue the process of moving staff over to the permanent system in order to minimise the number of staff employed on a contractual basis in keeping with circularised instructions.last_img read more


first_imgA TEATIME downpour in Donegal Town sent a torrent of water gushing through the town…..and locals heading indoors!Gerry McCaffrey however braved the rain to get these shots for Donegal Daily.Isolated heavy showers will continue in some areas of the county overnight. DOWNPOUR SENDS WATER GUSHING THROUGH DONEGAL TOWN! was last modified: October 3rd, 2013 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegal daily weatherDonegal Townrainlast_img read more


first_imgDonegal & Tyrone huntsman Simon Scott over the “Christmas Car” novely jumpThe recently formed cross border Donegal & Tyrone Farmers Hunt enjoyed a fantastic Boxing day charity hunt hosted by the O’Neill Family of Ballyskeagh, Artigarvan.A total of £500 was raised for the Marie Curie cancer charity which will be augmented under a government charity matching funding scheme.A lovely crisp dry winters morning contributed to an exhilarating course by 67 riders across the beautiful Tyrone hills over hedges logs ditches rivers stone walls and even a lake . Three hours later a group of sated riders and very tired horses and ponies returned to O’Neill’s yard and some very welcome soup rolls & Hot toddys.The Donegal & Tyrone Farmers hunt would like to acknowledge the hospitality of the O Neill Family for hosting a very memorable boxing day meet.Amy Rose Harte comes a cropper at the Lake The Donegal & Tyrone hunt cool their legs in the river  BOXING DAY OUTING MAKES HORSE SENSE FOR THE DONEGAL & TYRONE FARMERS HUNT was last modified: December 31st, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:DOEGAL AND TYRONE FARMERS HUNTlast_img read more

Humboldt Crabs offense scores early and often in blowout win over Sacramento M’s

first_imgArcata >> It took the Crabs all of four batters to match their hit total from their game two nights earlier.It was also a precursor of things to come. Humboldt’s offense didn’t let Wednesday’s lack of hitting carry over into its weekend series and gave right-handed Matt Becker plenty of early offensive support in his first start of the summer, as the Crabs rolled to a 20-2 win over the Sacramento M’s at the Arcata Ball Park on Friday night.The Crabs — who improved to 18-3 on the season with …last_img read more

Andrew Bogut expected to join Warriors on upcoming trip

first_imgKlay Thompson subscribes. You can too for just 11 cents a day for 11 months + receive a free Warriors Championship book. Sign me up!Andrew Bogut is expected to join the Warriors sometime on their four-game trip next week, league sources told Bay Area News Group.“I didn’t forsee this happening, but I’m excited as hell,” Draymond Green said Wednesday.Bogut and the Warriors are finalizing a one-year contract after he received a letter of clearance from Australia and the NBA, league sources …last_img read more

Survival of the Nicest

first_imgBaboons monitored for personality did best if they fell in the “Nice” category.Science Now put up a headline that would have surprised Darwin: “For Some Primates, Survival of the Nicest.”  Three evolutionists watched 45 baboons for 7 years and classified their behaviors based on their grunts, and their hormones from droppings.We identified three relatively stable personality dimensions, each characterized by a distinct suite of behaviors that were not redundant with dominance rank or the availability of kin. Females scoring high on the “Nice” dimension were friendly to all females and often grunted to lower-ranking females to signal benign intent. “Aloof” females were aggressive, less friendly, and grunted primarily to higher-ranking females. “Loner” females were often alone, relatively unfriendly, and also grunted most often to higher-ranking females. Aloof and Loner females were rarely approached by others. Personality dimensions were correlated in different ways with three measures previously shown to be associated with fitness: stress levels and two behavioral indices reflecting the closeness of dyadic bonds formed by individuals. Females who scored high on Nice had high composite sociality indices (CSI) and stable partner preferences, whereas females who scored high on Aloof had lower CSI scores but significantly more stable partner preferences. Loner females had significantly lower CSI scores, less stable partner preferences, and significantly higher glucocorticoid levels.  (Seyfarth, Silk, and Cheney, “Variation in personality and fitness in wild female baboons,”  PNAS, 73/pnas.1210780109 PNAS October 1, 2012.) This finding seems to contradict over a century and a half of Darwinian thinking.  “By being a nice baboon, you increase the likelihood of having strong social bonds, which in turn translates to a better chance of passing on your genes,” Live Science wrote in “It pays to be a nice baboon.”  Actually, the experiment found both Nice and Aloof females doing about the same in terms of reproductive fitness.  The only losers were the loners.  Whatever the findings say about evolution appears ambivalent: “It remains to be determined which of the Nice or Aloof personality dimensions is more adaptive, or whether variation is maintained by contrasting effects on fitness.”Survival of the nicest.  Good grief.  All those genocides for nothing.This is silly.  Did the researchers watch the baboons 24 x 7 for seven years?  Maybe the baboons did all their selfish Darwinian antics when the researchers were asleep and on vacation.  Why didn’t they watch the males?  Are they sexist?  We can’t let these so-called scientists get away with rewriting history by using bogus categories.  Even Science Now, supposedly a functionary of that bastion of Darwinism, the AAAS, said, “Females who scored high on the ‘nice’ meter were friendly to all females.”  How do you calibrate a nice meter?  How do you measure friendliness?  What is that, in Darwin terms?No, we can’t let evolutionists get away with this.  Too much is at stake.  Darwin’s reputation must be preserved intact.  The triumph of German militarism and Russian conquest must maintain its scientific justification on true Darwinism.  Eugenics must not be undermined by those ID people.  No more Mr. Nice Baboon.  Give me survival of the fittest, and give me death! (Visited 20 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Pollution gets the boot

first_imgA colourful buffalo, skillfully crafted from flip-flops glued together and then carved. (Image: UniqEco) A small fraction of the thousands of discarded flip-flops that wash up on Kenya’s shores. (Image: UniqEco) Colourful and stylish earrings are just one of the imaginative variety of products fashioned from flip-flops. (Image: UniqEco) A Kenyan woman making beauty from waste. (Image: Elspeth Murray) Janine ErasmusBBC World Challenge finalist UniquEco has turned a potential environmental disaster in Kenya into an income for local crafters – making colourful jewellery and other products from discarded flip-flops that wash up on the country’s shore.The flip-flops arrive in their thousands on Kenya’s northern coast, brought there by the Indian Ocean tides from far-away Asian countries such as Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and China. The footwear is made from indestructible rubber, which boded ill for the health of the marine ecosystem – until UniquEco, the (Flipflop) Recycling Company, stepped in.The non-profit company seized the opportunity to help generate a sustainable income for women and youths from coastal communities, while simultaneously helping the environment. Not only are the beaches saved, but also the sea creatures that try to eat the rubbery objects and hatchling turtles that have to negotiate their way to the water through the footwear flotsam, often unsuccessfully.UniquEco was started in 2005 by two enterprising Kenyans, Tahreni Bwanaali and Julie Church. Marine conservationist Church had been working since 1997 on a turtle conservation project with the Worldwide Fund for Nature in Kenya, and noticed that children from communities adjacent to the Kiunga Marine National Reserve would fashion the washed-up flip-flops into crude, if colourful, toy boats.“I saw that something imaginative, artistic and inspirational could come from something disposed of, rejected and discarded,” commented Church. She also wished to develop basic business skills for the community, and, realising the potential in the virtually limitless supply of flip-flops, slowly grew her idea into a project for making key rings, serviette holders and placemats.Her clients included the Worldwide Fund for Nature, Switzerland, which placed a substantial order for 20 000 flip-flop key rings. Church brought partner Bwanaali, originally from the area and holder of a master’s degree in business management, on board in 2005 to establish UniquEco and give the project a formal business structure.“We knew something had to be done,” said Church. “The indestructible rubber from the flip-flops spoils the natural beauty of the beaches.”Besides its recognition as a World Challenge finalist, the project was recently featured on the front page of the website for the United Nations Environmental Programme‘s Climate Neutral Network.Transforming waste into beautyThousands of flip-flops are gathered and cleaned, then glued into blocks and carved into one-of-a-kind shapes by local communities. The shapes are sent to UniquEco’s head office in Nairobi to be further adorned with beads and other elements, and off-cuts are shredded to make cushion stuffing.Thus is potentially hazardous debris cunningly transformed into a variety of products ranging from useful household items such as bowls, bottle stops and coasters, to ingenious toys, to eye-catching earrings, necklaces and belts.Products are sold through outlets around the world, and thanks to UniquEco, communities in the area now have an alternative source of income. This reduces their need to over-exploit their natural resources through fishing, the area’s previous main industry. At the same time, almost 150 km of Kenya’s beaches are kept clean.Raising global awarenessTo raise global awareness around the impact of pollution of animal habitats and the benefits of recycling, UniquEco also commissioned two life-sized flip-flop sculptures – one a whale, the other a giraffe.Mfalme wa Bahari (Swahili, meaning “king of the ocean”), the flip-flop Minke whale, was constructed at Marula Studios in Karen, Nairobi. The creature consists of a metal frame covered with thousands of pieces of flip-flop rubber.Mfalme was part of a joint project between UniquEco, the Nairobi-based Coastal and Marine Secretariat of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development, and the World Society for the Protection of Animals. Its mission was to generate greater understanding of whaling and its impact on whales and their habitats, as well as awareness of marine pollution and its effects on ecosystems. Kenya is a signatory to the International Whaling Commission, the body that regulates the whaling industry.It is expected that Mfalme will find a permanent home in London’s Natural History Museum as a statement from African communities against global pollution and whaling.Twiga (Swahili, meaning “giraffe”) was created by UniquEco, working with the International Trade Centre, to raise awareness around recycling. Also constructed from flip-flops glued over a metal frame, Twiga has travelled to Rome, Geneva and Paris as an ambassador for recycling.The creature was the star of the show at the 2008 Rome Fashion Week and was displayed in 2008 at the World Trade Organisation and at the World Export Development Forum in Switzerland. It stood at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, the Swiss offices of the United Nations, until January 2009.Rewarding innovationThe World Challenge 08 is a global competition that recognises and rewards projects or small businesses from around the world that show innovation at grassroots level. The two main partners are BBC World News and Newsweek, in association with Shell.In 2008 South Africa’s Heiveld Co-operative made it onto the list of finalists, with its organic rooibos tea initiative that pays local farmers a fair price for the product and then markets and exports the popular beverage to growing markets abroad.Do you have queries or comments about this article? Email Janine Erasmus at storiesAn infusion of innovationAfrica: fast factsUseful linksUniquEcoClimate Neutral Network – United Nations Environmental ProgrammeMarula StudiosBBC World Challenge 08Flip Flotsam – the movieNew Partnership for Africa’s DevelopmentWorld Society for the Protection of AnimalsWorld Society for the Protection of Animals – Facebook pageInternational Trade Centrelast_img read more

Efficiency in the Desert

first_imgTo meet the requirements of Environments for Living (EFL), a voluntary energy-efficiency standard, third-party verifiers perform additional blower-door tests on one out of every seven new Pulte homes. Among the services provided by the EFL program is a framework for utility bill guarantees. On all of its Las Vegas homes, Pulte provides a guarantee that covers energy for space heating and cooling. Energy used for cooking,domestic hot water use, and plug loads are excluded from the guarantee. Since it is based on kilowatt-hours of electricity and therms of gas, not dollars spent, the guarantee is independent of energy cost fluctuations.Low heating and cooling loadsWith such careful attention to air sealing, Azure Canyon homes require much smaller HVAC systems than comparable houses. Explaining the method used to calculate heating and cooling loads, Broad said, “John Spargo of Comfort Engineering does our Manual J calculations, and that requires a lot of nuance and judgment. He narrows the range on the infiltration rate and applies more specific inputs on the heat gain calculations than you would typically find. He’s playing the edge of all of those inputs. Compared to a typical HVAC contractor, his calculations are running at about 80% of Manual J.”Still room for improvementAzure Canyon homes have HERS Index ratings of 61 or 62, but they could be even lower. “Our HERS scores are based on a worst-case orientation,” explained Broad. Like most production builders, Pulte makes no effort to orient its homes according to passive solar principles. As a result, roof overhangs aren’t optimized for summer shading, and window orientation is random.Broad describes the windows that Pulte uses as “your basic low-e window.” He has been trying — so far unsuccessfully — to convince his company to upgrade to SunCoat Max glazing from Cardinal, a type of glazing with improved warm-edge spacers and a lower heat-gain coefficient.Each home gets an energy monitor Energy efficiency and sustainability take center stage at two new Las Vegas developments built by Pulte Homes, one of the nation’s largest homebuilders.Pulte’s Azure Canyon development is located in southwest Las Vegas, where the growing edge of suburbia meets the shrinking desert. Every Azure Canyon home meets the “Green Built” standards established by the local homebuilders’ association. Ranging in size from 1,788, to 2,088 square feet, the homes sell for $230,000 to $260,000.To minimize energy losses, Pulte locates all the homes’ ducts within the conditioned space; some ducts are run through 20-in. open-web floor trusses, while others are located in the conditioned attic. All duct seams are sealed with mastic, and the tightness of every completed duct system is verified with a Duct Blaster test.Defining the envelopePulte uses its own workers rather than subcontractors for electrical, plumbing, and HVAC work, and trains all workers in the importance of maintaining air-barrier integrity. “A lot of our plans have various bump-outs, some of which are just decoration,” explained Robert Broad, director of product design for Pulte Nevada. “When we define the thermal envelope, we often simplify it — some of the bump-outs are outside of the envelope. For every cantilever or a bay area, everybody needs to understand the boundary that we are sealing to. Sometimes we actually spray-paint an indication of the location of the envelope.”Training is an ongoing process. “We do pre-insulation behind tubs and showers,” said Broad. “But sometimes we still have to fix insulation that has been moved by the plumber. We’re trying to get the guys to recognize that if they tear out some insulation to do the plumbing, they have to replace it appropriately.”Every home gets a blower-door testAt every Azure Canyon house, Pulte workers verify the integrity of the air barrier by performing a blower-door test. “We run the blower door and go around with a smoke pencil and look where we could do better,” said Broad. “We walk around and say, ‘What else are we missing?’ ” Another Pulte development is Villa Trieste, a planned community that will eventually include 185 homes measuring between 1,487 and 1,960 square feet. All Villa Trieste homes, like those at Azure Canyon, are enrolled in the Environments For Living program. The homes are equipped with efficient appliances: 15 SEER air conditioners, 92% AFUE gas furnaces, and Rinnai on-demand gas water heater.Each Villa Trieste home is equipped with a whole-house energy monitor, or “energy dashboard,” mounted on a wall near the kitchen. These EcoConcierge meters from In2 Networks display real-time energy use and water-use data. “The dashboard is Internet-connected. If I’m at work, I can adjust the AC from my office,” said Walter Cuculic, Pulte’s director of strategic marketing. “The thought is that by paying attention to the energy dashboard,homeowners will be able to reduce their energy use by 5 or 10%.”Solar power on every roofcenter_img Every home at Villa Trieste will include a 1.76-kilowatt photovoltaic (PV) array using SunPower SunTile roof-integrated PV modules. Pulte’s practice of ignoring orientation complicated the task of identifying the best south-facing roof slopes for the PV arrays. “It was a little bit challenging,” admits Cuculic. “For some of the lots, we had to restrict the possible elevations — for example, we may tell a customer that you can’t have a ‘Spanish’ elevation on this lot.”The cost of installing PV arrays at Villa Trieste is being subsidized by several grants from the local utility and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). A portion of the $7 million DOE grant — equivalent to $37,000 per home — will be used to study whether the homes’ energy dashboards help homeowners lower their energy use.If Pulte is successful in its goal of obtaining LEED Platinum certification for every home at Villa Trieste, the community will become the largest collection of LEED Platinum homes in the country. Since the first rated homes at Villa Trieste obtained impressive HERS Index scores of 43 or 44, the neighborhood is off to an excellent start.More InformationSee a video interview with a Pulte sales Associate explaining howshe uses a _Quality Construction Room_ to sell the hidden features of green construction.last_img read more

Senior players object to cut in fee if teams fail to end in Top 3

first_imgTop Indian cricketers, who have been part of different teams of Indian Premier League (IPL), have objected to a clause in their contract with the respective franchises that denies them 20 per cent of their fees in case their team fails to finish among the top three.The clause has been introduced for season IV. As per the rule, if the teams fail to qualify for the Champions League (top three IPL teams make it to the international league), the players would get only 80 per cent of their fees.The players of the 10 IPL teams read the newly-introduced fine print in their contracts only after the January 8-9 auction. They collectively approached Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) president Shashank Manohar with their complaint last week.At the meeting, the players said that the clause was unfair, and a breach of their trust. Manohar assured them that the matter would be discussed at the IPL governing council meeting on February 4.However, the team owners insisted there was nothing unfair in the clause as the players’ payment was meant to be for both the IPL and the Champions League.The clause was part of the contract of only those players whose names figured during the auction. Uncapped players would get full payment regardless of how their teams do.last_img read more